Winter Anime 2012/2013 Chart

Winter Anime 2012/2013 Chart V2.5 [Atxpieces]

Winter Anime 20122013 Chart V2.5 [atxpieces]A new updated anime chart for the winter anime season has been released. Updated by atxpieces, version 2.5 of the winter anime chart has been released. The winter season of anime is fast approaching, with just about a month to go until the current autumn season ends. This updated winter anime chart has added new anime that were recently announced.

The seasonal anime chart is a community made chart, made by various people, that contains all the known and listed anime set to release during that particular season. This involves anime TV series, OVAs and ONAs and movies. The chart is updated periodically and all listings are not final.

Winter Anime 20122013 Chart V2.5 [atxpieces]

Source Image – Atxpieces