Sword Art Online End World

Sword Art Online: End World – Mobile Game Launches In Japan

Video game giants Namco Bandai (who holds the licensing to create Sword Art Online games as well as hundreds other anime based games) has teamed up with social media game publisher GREE to create the first Sword Art Online game available for smart phones. The game is only available in Japan, so don’t get too excited. The game features a custom character creator, allowing players to create their own original character instead of playing lead protagonist, Kirito. The creation system allows you to choose your character’s gender, weapons and armour. You will also meet traditional RPG NPCs such as blacksmiths to customise your amour.

Sword Art Online End World pic 1

Sword Art Online: End World is set in Aincrad, the first world for the first half of the SAO anime series. You can explore the world of Aincrad, form parties to tackle dungeons and defeat the bosses that reside within, and advance to the next floor. Players will also meet some familiar faces, such as Kirito himself and Asuna. The game will be free to play with micro-transactions for additional items.

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