FFXIV End of an Era Trailer

The End of an Era for Final Fantasy XIV

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV couldn’t have gotten off to a more wrong start. Complaints were ranging in form left to right about pretty much most of the game. Square Enix has listened to the fans and the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would remedy the horrid start. The new reopening of Final Fantasy XIV looks very promising with the entire world itself changing to be ‘reborn’ for the new and upcoming content. There will be new dungeons, new bosses, mechanics and much more crisp graphics than before. The plot at the end of XIV ties into A Realm Reborn, ensuring that the two phases of the game flow seamlessly into one new game. The trailer that starts it all has been released and can be seen below. bringing an end to the game.

Whether or not the game has changed for the better, only time will tell.

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