Evangelion 3.0 Utada Hikaru

Evangelion: 3.0’s Ending Theme by Utada Hikaru

Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru has written and sung Sakura Nagashi, the ending theme for the third Evangelion movie, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. It has been a rather tough time for the singer as she has not released a new single since November 2010. While this may be good news for her fans, her record company says that it’s not a comeback to music. Utada was also the singer and writer for the ending themes for the previous Evangelion movies; Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

The music video for Sakura Nagashi has been released on her official channel and is directed by Naomi Kawase (the official video is currently unavailable).

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