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Kuroko’s Basketball and K Second Season Announcement

With the season well and over, people have been crying out for more of their favourite anime. Good news is that a second season for K and Kuroko’s Basketball have been announced.

 Shonen Jump Magazine has revealed that a second season of Kuroko’s Basketball has been green-lit. The first season of the anime adaptation of Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s manga ran from April to September this year. There has been recent controversy over the series with many threats targeting Kuroko’s Basketball events. These threats has called cancellation of the events for the safety of the public. Whether or not the threats have impacted on the future of the anime/manga has yet to be noticed. No additional information has been released.

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Secondly, this season’s anticipated K project, produced by GoHands, will be having a second season. The announcement came at the end of the 13th and final episode, earlier today. The anime has been generating positive buzz over the cast and animation of the anime, typical for the studio. The next season/sequel to K has no further information other than it has been green-lit.

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