Tamako Market Synopsis

Kyoto Animation’s Tamako Market Synopsis

Japanese anime channel Animax has revealed the plot synopsis for Kyoto Animation’s upcoming anime, Tamako Market. Naoko Yamada (K-ON!) is directing the anime, Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!, Bakuman) is in charge of the series scripts, and Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON!,Lucky Star), is designing the characters. Tamako Market will begin broadcasting in Japan next January on Tokyo MX TV, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, and BS11 Digital (is it needed to air on that many channels?)

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At the time of writing (now) the official synopsis can not be reached, so instead we must trust that Anime News Network’s translations are accurate enough.

Tamako is a mochi-loving high-school freshman whose family runs a mochi (rice cake) shop in a certain town’s shopping district. She enjoys her high school life with her friends Midori and Kanna in the badminton club. She also helps out at her family’s shop and develops new mochi.

She is childhood friends with Mochikura, the son of the neighboring rival mochi shop, but when their fathers meet, they fight like cats and dogs. On Tamako’s birthday on New Year’s Eve, Mochikura is determined to hand her a birthday present that he had not been able to in past years. Then, suddenly, a splendid bird (parrot) appears in the shopping district, and a year like no previous one is about to begin.


Source Article, and ANN translations