new Tamako Market Images

New Tamako Market Images

Moe, moe is everywhere, especially when Kyoto Animation is involved. The creative team that produced K-ON! are back creating this original anime and the resemblance is obvious. As the anime’s air date is fast approaching, more images have been revealed about the show- including a nosebleed inducing postcard. This postcard includes a bath scene for main character Tamako Kitashirakawa. This mochi loving character is garnering attention everywhere and this image will surely do more impressions.

new Tamako Market Images pic 1

Other images include the mysterious bird and two more characters, who seem to have a more darker skin than the rest of the cast. Whatever the case if you like these characters or not the designs are rather distinct in Kyoto Animation’s anime history. Tamako Market will air on January 10th 2013.

new Tamako Market Images pic 2

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