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Panties That Smell Like Little Sister Now On Sale In Japan

Ah Japan, home to anime, manga, the first sex pillow and now panties that smell like little sisters!! Japan loves endorsements and merchandising. Japan also loves its anime. It also likes people who like anime, in particular the popular genre of Imouto or Little Sister. It may come as a surprise- or not to some people- that Tamatoys, a Japanese adult goods company, has produced the first ever set of ‘Striped panties that smell like little sister. Oh, and you’re gonna love this too since Tamatoys also produced something just as peculiar: ‘The Smell of a Boy’s Anus’. Yep, some fine quality products from Japan.

The new line of ‘Stripped panties that smell like little sister’ is Tamatoys latest in fragrance materials-in a more subtle way- and is available now on their website (NSFW of course). So this could very well be a christmas gift for those perverted little men that like the smell of little sister’s panties in the morning.

The panties are all only in size M and have been applied a special fragrance on the said undergarments. The fragrance is a special scented oil  and is said to smell like ‘little sisters’, whatever that smell is. Of course, you do have to wonder what goes on at Tamatoys when they developed this oil. It may have over 30 different herbs and spices. One clear thing is that they were somehow able to replicated the smell of a small child’s crotch… disturbing to say the least. Also, who is the lucky guy that applies the oil to the panties and have to smell them to make sure its applied properly? Surely you don’t want hundreds of angry phones calls from people complaining about their little sister’s panties…. I stand by what i said.

There are three types of Little Sister panties, each one in a different colour with a different scent.

The first are pink panties which carry a “sweet aroma that brings to mind a bratty, yet affectionate little sister.” Or strawberry, to my understanding.

panties that smell like imouto pink affectionate

The second type of panties are blue in colour and have a “cute aroma of a nurturing little sister who always looks after her big brother”.
 panties that smell like imouto blue naturing
The third and final type of panties are of the lively green stripes, which upon one sniff will bring the “fresh aroma of an energetic little sister”. Somehow I’m not understanding how each of these have distinct different scents…
panties that smell like imouto green energetic

So if you are, for some reason, interested into Little Sister’s panties then without further ado visit this website and place an order. The price of one pair of panties will costs 980 yen (US $12), and lots of dignity when the package gets caught at your local post office.

In the words of online retailer Hot Power:

“You can put them on your head, you can wear them yourself, you can put them on something else; enjoy them however you want—within legal boundaries!”

Enjoy the rest of your day people.
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