Red Data Girl RDG Promotional Video

RDG: Red Data Girl – Promotional Video

he next promotional video is for a new adaptation by P.A. Works (Angel Beats, Tari Tari) of Noriko Ogiwara’s RDG Red Data Girl. It is a modern fantasy novel series that started in 2008, and it has been confirmed that Saori Hayami will play the lead character Izumiko Suzuhara.

Toshiya Shinohara (Black Butler, Inuyasha films) is directing the series and Michiko Yokote (Bleach, Gintama) is handling the scripts. Minako Shiba (Black Butler, .hack franchise, Noir) is adapting the original character designs. Musicians myu and Masumi Itou (Bungaku Sh?jo) are scoring the soundtrack.

Here is a synopsis of the setting and story of RDG:

The modern fantasy story revolves around Izumiko, a girl raised within the confines of Tamakura Shrine, one of the Kumano shrines that are part of a World Heritage site. However, after Izumiko spent practically her entire life at Kumano until middle school, she wants to become a normal girl. it was decided that she and her childhood friend Miyuki would enroll in H?j? High School in Tokyo. On a school trip to Tokyo, a mysterious entity known as Himegami appears and a terrible incident occurs. Izumiko’s family carries a great secret that Izumiko is about to learn.


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