Steins;Gate First teaser trailer

Steins;Gate Movie First Teaser

The first ever footage, that aired on Japanese Tv, of the Steins;Gate movie has finally made its way onto the internet and onto youtube. The movie, ??? ?????????? ????????? or Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu, itself is a sequel to the successful anime series. Announced at the end of the series, the movie is an unique and original story set in its complex universe. There have been no further announcement or major interesting pieces of news thus far, except the possibility of returning characters from the Anime show itself.

A rough translation has been supplied by Reddit user Alayavijnana:

Voiceover: The Steins;Gate movie – Deja vu in the Load Regime, coming Spring 2013. All of the emotions will transcend world lines. To preorder tickets, check out our website!

Text at 0:03: An entirely original story
Text at 0:05: The newest part of Steins;Gate
Text at 0:12: (nothing interesting; just cast/staff stuff)
Text at 0:14: Spring 2013 / Limited nationwide release.

The title of the movie is ???????????fuka-ryouiki no dejavu, which is difficult to translate without any context. ????fuka literally means “load” or “weight”; ????ryouiki literally means “territory”, “region”, or “area” (and, incidentally, is the same word as in zettai ryouiki).

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