Fall/Autumn Anime 2013 Chart V3.0 [Neregate]

The season of Fall/Autumn 2013 has already started so this chart may be a little unneeded. But regardless, there are so much shows this season to easily keep track of and that’s what this chart can be used for. Zana from neregate has released version 3.0 of the Fall/Autumn anime chart which contains the most up to date information going into the season. Many of the TV series has started airing their first episode. Of course there are OVAs and Movies that will be releasing further into the year, such as the third Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie.

There is also an alternative to the usual seasonly anime charts in the form of a website, www.anichart.net/. Anichart is an interactive anime chart that features multiple seasons of anime and includes other information regarding the anime, such as the cast and crew, with just a click away.

Click the image for the full resolution:

Fall-Autumn Anime 2013 Chart V3.0 [neregate]

Source Image – neregate