First Maid Cafe App

First Maid Cafe App

In typical Japanese fashion, one of Akihabara’s most famous maid cafe, @Home cafe, has launched its first ever IOS application on the Japanese Itunes Store. It is also the first Maid Cafe app on the iTunes Store. The app itself is currently available on the Japanese App Store for free as a promotional launch, where it would then cost 85 Yen after Valentines Day.

First Maid Cafe App pic 2

The app itself isn’t anything too fancy, like those erotic games where you lift up women’s skirts. The app allows users and potential customers to play a typing game for an exclusive photo and a voice file of one of the maids. These photos and voice files can be view and listened to again in the app’s gallery. Also, coupons can be obtained from the app, allowing users to experience the full maid cafe experience.

First Maid Cafe App icon

Here is the Itunes page for the app.

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