New major pokemon announcement

Major Pokemon Announcement January 8th

It was recently stated on the official Pokemon website that an important announcement will be revealed on the 8th of January. The new announcement can be about almost anything due to the large scope of the Pokemon franchise. For over 16 years, the Pokemon franchise has had massive success with Nintendo, with over 35 games for both handheld and consoles, a popular trading card game, a popular anime series and films and a whole slew of merchandises. Even the small yellow shrew Pikachu has become iconic to western audiences. Starting with Pokemon Red and Green, the most recent main entry have been Pokemon Black and White 2,which are the first games in the main series to be direct sequels.

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The Pokemon games are separated into generations with each bringing in many new Pokemon species and regions to explore. The main series of games in the past have been named by colours and gemstones, and Pokemon Memo have dug up some juicy information.

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Nintendo have trademarked various titles related to Pokemon a few years back and many of them have not been used yet. The trademarks include: Vermillion, Crimson, Purple, Scarlet, Topaz, Tourmaline, and Moonstone. Other titles include Grey, Brown, and White Gold, which are speculated to be potential names for remakes of older titles.  Whether or not the next Pokemon game you’ll be playing is Pokemon Brown or Pokemon Tourmaline, any major Pokemon news could be for the better or worse.