Monster Hunter Frontier x Fatestay night

Monster Hunter Frontier x Fate/stay night

The latest update for Monster Hunter Frontier G, the MMO in the highly popular monster slaying simulator, has rolled with lots of new goodies, including new monsters, weapons and armours created from those monsters, and a new crossover with the anime and visual novel Fate/stay night. In the new update, players will be able play as Saber and Archer by crafting their amour sets and equipment them. Along with the new costumes, players can also craft and use their signature weapons: Saber’s Excalibur which is a long sword in the game, and Archer’s bow as well as his dual blades Kanshou and Bakuya.

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In relation, new images of the new monsters and their weapons and armours has also surfaced:






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Monster Hunter Frontier x Fatestay MH Visa card

Monster Hunter Frontier G is a new stand alone update to the original Monster Hunter Frontier, an MMO game in the popular series by Capcom. Monster Hunter is one of the most popular series in Japan, with the games appearing on many platforms and accumulating record sales. Frontier allows players to hunt down monsters with lots of people online, as well as forming clans and groups. There are lots of new and exclusive monsters to the game that isn’t found in the traditional Monster Hunter games, such as a large leviathan that requires 48 people to hunt. Frontier G will include 10 new monsters, 21 currently available monsters becoming G-rank as well as numerous new weapons, armours and skills and elements.

Monster Hunter Frontier G will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 on April 17th in Japan and is not expected to release outside of Asia. Frontier itself was only released in Japan and Korea, with no english release planned or announced.

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