New Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Square Enix has dropped a number of new screens for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the third game in the Final Fantasy XIII series following XIII-2. These images include a new setting called Dead Dunes and is a desert environment. Other screenshots include gameplay in towns where Lightning can visit shops, inns and complete various other tasks. There is also some concept art for the game which is always nice to see.

There hasn’t been much revealed about the game but Square Enix has confirmed that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will wrap up the XIII series and all of the character’s stories as well tying up any loose ends. The game will also feature one ending opposed to the various possible endings in XIII-2. There will also be no story drive downloadable content much like the ending in the previous game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the sequel to XIII-2 and is set 500 years in the future. Players will once again take control of Lightning as she is thrown into a new world with new characters, locations and a new battle system. The new world is called Nova Chrysalia and Lightning must save the world from armageddon, and with 13 days left she doesn’t have much ground to lose. Lightning will be the only playable character in the game but is stated to be ‘considerably stronger’.

No release date has been announced for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII but it is due to come out later this year on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
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