New Madoka Magica Online Updates

New Madoka Magica Online Updates

There were some major updates to the online video game adaptation of Shaft’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica as well as new wallpapers, voices and other goodies. Wait, there’s an online game based on Madoka?

Apparently so…

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The new updates for Madoka Magica Online includes some new events, quests and raids for the game which rewards players with tonnes of new cards for the game. One such update, is the third event of the Walpurgis Night which are raid events. Walpurgis Night involves numerous players to band together in an attempt to clear out a dungeon filled with powerful enemies and its subsequent boss. You may also be able to fight witches, which drop  some good experience points and loot. If you survive a Walpurgis Night, you will gain some goodies such as raid points, tickets for special events and some rare cards.

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In addition, players are able to buy some new card packs to help them fend of the witches and various enemies in dungeons, such as the End Card Series 1 EX Cards box and a box containing a Anti-Chapter 4 Raid Witches bane gun. There are also a bunch of new quests for you to partake which feature Izabel and Cecil from the anime. The game is updated quite frequently and older events, quests and items do expire and are removed from the game to make way for newer additions. Some new weapons and costumes for the game include:

Of course, many people would be rather confused about the events described above or have no idea what Madoka Magica Online is. It is an online multiplayer browser game based on the anime, and is free to play. The game is only currently available in Japan but people overseas can easily join and play the game. The game uses a card system for equipment and abilities, which are random to a degree. The game does have a pay option so you can purchase packs of cards for premium price, similar to the majority of free MMOs today. In the game, you play as your own magical girl set in the anime world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Once you create your character, you will be able to join others in many online events, such as completing quests, going on raids, or buy items. The game has a lobby system which act as the main hub, and has various servers and ‘worlds’.

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The game is split up into campaign periods which are timed to each maintenance update, which occurs approximately every week. Each weekly update brings lots of new items and events to keep the community thriving and content fresh. Some of the more audio updates include cards which have voices from the cast of the anime. That itself is currently a campaign where you can obtain cards that contain the voices of Madoka, Homura, Mami and the Kyubey. Of course, the Kyubey’s voice itself is already in the game, played each time the guide is brought up. You can also download some new wallpapers from the game’s website, but they require a login first.

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While the game is only available in Japan there is a thriving english community and if you need any help in the game, check out the Puella Magica wiki page. I have not yet played the game or have no such intention to, but you can check out the website, register and play the game here.

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