Pokemon X Y Announced

Nintendo Announces Pokemon X and Y For The 3DS

At the first Nintendo Direct of the year, two new games for Pokemon have been announced. At the livestream event, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the big Pokemon announcement: two new Pokemon games. Stylishly named Pokemon X andPokemon Y, they will be the first Pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS. Pokemon Black and White 2 were still DS games that were playable on the 3DS thanks to its backwards compatibility. Pokemon X and Y will be the first Pokemon game to fully utilise the 3DS’ functions such as the circle pad, and the handheld’s upgraded graphical capabilities.

Pokemon X Y Announced image

Along with the announcement was a brief visit over the past Pokemon games, followed by Iwata finally unveiling the new games. The game was revealed through a marvelous trailer showing the game running on the console. Another large note is that the games will be releasing worldwide in October this year.

The trailer revealed all that was needed to rile up the fans; the three starter Pokemon: Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin, some of the new and returning Pokemon, the fully rendered environments and the Legendary Pokemon!!

You can watch the trailer below or alternatively scroll down further to see the screenshots.