Pokémon Scramble U - Nintendos Answer to Skylanders Giants

Pokémon Scramble U – Nintendo’s Answer to Skylanders Giants

The popularity of Activision’s Skylanders Giants is pretty unmatchable with the series of games and toys racking up millions for the company. There has been some proposed competition with Disney Infinity coming out later this year, and now Japanese video game and console giant Nintendo has announced their own collectable toy video game, based on one of their most popular franchises.

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Pokémon Scramble U, known as Pokémon Rumble U overseas, will be the third game in the Rumble/Scramble series and is the first to utilise collectable toys. The game has already launched in the Japanese eshop and has no release date for overseas countries.

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Scramble U will use the Wii U’s new NFC technology, near field communication, which is a sensor in the system’s gamepad. The sensor will detect the toy and stream the same character into the game. The toys are seen above with the first row being the first set that was released with the games launch and the second row launched on May 25th. The game has reported to feature the first five Pokémon generations, totalling 649 Pokémon toys to collect.The game itself is a 4 player Pokémon brawler with over 100 Pokémon fighting each other on the screen. Similar to its predecessors, the game will throw players into various areas and dungeons fighting their way through to the boss, working together as a team.  You can check out some screenshots of the game on the Wii U below.

Pokémon Scramble U is the first Pokémon game on Nintendo’s new home console and also the first to utilise the gamepad’s NFC technology.

You can view the launch trailer of the game below.

The game is currently available on the Japanese Wii U eShop for 1,800¥ (~18$ US) and the toys themselves can be purchased from the capture toy machines at the various Pokémon centres for 200¥ (~2$ US).
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