Three New Persona Games Announced! Two Spin Offs and…

A long 72 hour countdown has been streaming since November 21st and a teaser site, listing the date of the countdown’s conclusion were created by Atlus. Both these occurrences had one thing in common: Persona. The event at the end of the countdown would the Persona Event, which was streamed via Nico Nico Live and across multiple locations in Japan on large video screens. But what would happen at the end of the countdown? Throughout the entire countdown, various videos and images have released that composed of characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4, so it could be a sequel to either or some stage production. But it could also be the fabled next instalment in the Persona series…

How about all of the above (except the stage production)!!

Let’s head on a journey called the Persona event, where the games, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth( a 3DS spin off) Persona 4: Dancing All Night (a dancing game on the Vita), news of Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, and the holy grail that is Persona 5….

Three New Persona Games Announced! pic 1

Above is the long and last minute countdown to this anticipated event. And at the event’s opening, the Japanese voice actress of Teddie from Persona 4 began narrating… but we shouldn’t talk about that for now… All the images below have been captured from the live stream at Nico Nico, so excuse us for the bad quality images.

Thus the event has started and Teddie is our host throughout tonights reveals. And the first game to be revealed is…

Three New Persona Games Announced! pic 2

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth logo

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is the first game to be announced at the Persona event and boy it is very different. The game is a spin off from the main series of games and is the first game in the Persona series to be on a Nintendo consoles. Shadow of the Labyrinth will not be developed by the main Persona team at Atlus but rather another development team that has produced RPGs for Nintendo’s 3DS. The game will be developed by the team behind the Etrian Odyssey series and even the gameplay resembles it. The game will also feature shadows as the main enemies.

The game will play similarly to previous Persona games but with some major changes:

  • First, the game will have the characters in a smaller deformed design, called chibi.
  • Second, the game features a collaboration cast of characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4. This is the second game in the series to feature cross over characters but this games does not feature any age differences in the characters, as did Persona 4 Arena. The game will feature the full cast from both games, so some voodoo magic might’ve occurred for some characters.
  • Third, the game will feature first person dungeons. The first Persona games, and early Shin Megami Tensei games featured first person dungeons, but were later replaced with third person or aerial view dungeons as technology became better. The battles themselves will still be in third person and function similar to the last two Persona games.
  • Fourth, the game will feature two new characters to the series: Rei and Zen. Both characters are currently shrouded in mystery.
  • Lastly, the game will have a divergent story as you pick which team, the SEES from Persona 3 or the Investigation Team fromPersona 4. Picking either team will have dialogue and event changes throughout the story. Whether this means that the game will feature different endings is unknown.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be out for the Nintendo 3DS on June 5th 2014. The game is a spin off game and will most likely not be considered canon.

The game’s official website is:

Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

Persona 4 Arena The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold logo

The next game showed is Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. While the game has been announced before, a new trailer released for the game during the event that showed the three new combatants in game: Junepi, Yukari and Sho. While nothing too flashy was revealed initially, a strange silhouette of a familiar man appeared, Adachi. Adachi, from Persona 4, will be appearing in Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. Whether or not he will be a playable character or just a story character is still unknown.

The game also revealed the arcade release of the game: November 28th this year, so Japanese players can head over to their nearest arcade next week and play the game. On a related note, the game has been announced that it will be releasing on the PlayStation 3 in 2014. A big announcement and odd since the game is not currently being planned to release on the Xbox 360, since the original fighting game did.

Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold will feature three (four?) new characters and a new story. The game will be out in Japanese arcades next week, whilst the PlayStation 3 version will be out mid 2014.

The game’s official site is

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Persona 4 Dancing All Night  pic 1

Let’s all start dancing!! Wait what?

Persona 4 Dancing All Night logo

In a really bizarre turn, Atlus has announced another new spin off title to the series that no one would have seen coming, Persona 4: Dancing All Night. The game is a music rhythm game featuring the Persona 4 characters, for now the main protagonist and Rise are taking lead, and music from the Persona series. It is a really odd decision but Rise is in an idol getup so much is forgiven. Additionally, both characters throw out some sweet moves. The game will be co-developed by the Persona team and Dingo, a Japanese developer known for making rhythm games such as Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA.

Strangely enough, the game will be out for the PlayStation Vita in mid-late 2014. There really isn’t much to say about this announcement other than the game might resemble Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f. Maybe playing this game to see Kanji dance square it off might be worth the purchase…

The game’s official site is

After that odd announcement, it may seem that the event is to a close. The fans are disappointed that spin offs were announced and no mention of something major. Alas, Teddie continued to talk (with no real Japanese knowledge, I don’t know what about) but eventually a large envelope appeared. Teddie has received a letter! Is he going to open it and read the contents?

No… oh ok… Teddie is busy talking and saying his thanks so I guess the stream is pretty much over…

Three New Persona Games Announced! pic 3

Or is it? Teddie is interrupted by a series of 5s that are counting down. Teddie is in a rush and is acting crazy. Teddie contiunes to spew out words very quickly until he eventually disapears in time for the final 10 seconds. The final countdown to what could be a new Persona 4 stage production.

Three New Persona Games Announced! pic 5

It wasnt…

What then happened are as follows:

But what does this all mean?

Three New Persona Games Announced! pic 55

Persona 5 pic 1

That is right, the faithful, anticipated and much wanted Persona 5 has been announced! Not much, or anything at all, is known about the fifth major instalment in the Persona series. Otherwise, the trailer itself shows some cryptic message: “You are slave. Want Emancipation?” and a series of chairs. The final image, seen below, shows 25 chairs in 5 rows with the first chair in each row having a ball and chain attached.

Oh, and that Persona 5 will be out on PlayStation 3 in winter 2014. This doesn’t include the January and February winter but end of year winter 2014.

Another thing to note is the two names that are shown. The first name that is shown is Katsura Hoshino, he is the creator of the D. Gray-man manga and he will be the director of the game. The second name is Shigenori Soejima, an illustrator and character designer of previous Persona games who be the character designer of Persona 5.

Persona 5 will be out on the PlayStation 3 late next year. In regards to the release on a current generation console when the PlayStation 4 is out, note that Persona 3 released on the PlayStation 2 4 months before the release of the PlayStation 3 and Persona 4 released on the PS2 2 years into the PS3’s life.

The game’s official site is

Persona 5 pic 2

The Persona series started off in 1996 on the PlayStation as a spin off in the Megami Tensei. Titled Megami Ibunroku Persona, or Revelations: Persona in the west, the game featured a series of high school characters who could summon a persona, a physical representation of their personality. The game received positive reviews and is considered as a hit. Since then, 3 main line games were released and numerous spin offs, re-releases and adaptations. Persona 2 released in 1999 and was made up of two games:Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. The game was a success in Japan but the game failed to receive good international support. The next game wouldn’t release until 2006 on the PlayStation 2. Persona 3 was a massive hit in both Japan and overseas selling over 500,000 units worldwide. Persona 4 followed the same path of success in 2008.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be out for the Nintendo 3DS on June 5th 2014.
Persona 4 Arena: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold will be out in arcades on November 28th this year, and on the PlayStation 3 mid next year.
Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be releasing on the PlayStation Vita in Autumn next year.
And finally, Persona 5 will be out on the PlayStation 3 in winter 2014.

Note that all release dates are for Japan only and that no European or North American release date has been announced.
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