Akame ga Kill! New Visual & Promotional Video 3

The official website for the anime adaptation of Akame ga Kill! has released a new visual for the anime. In addition, the third promotional video was released for the anime, which will last 2 seasons long.


Here is the third promotional video for Akame ga Kill!:

The cast is of the anime are as follows:

  • Sora Amamiya (Liliana from Log Horizon) will be voicing the main heroine and titular character Akame, a member of Night Raid (division of the Revolutionary Army) who wields the katana Teigu (mysterious powerful relics) Murasame

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs - Akame


  • Souma Saito (Tadashi Yamaguchi in Haikyuu!!) will voice Tatsumi, a new young warrior set out to become a member of the Revolutionary Army

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -Tatsumi


  • Yukari Tamura (Nui Harime in Kill la Kill) is playing as Mein, a member of Night Raid that wields the gun Teigu Pumpkin

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs - Mein


  • Yuu Asakawa (Rider from Fate/stay night) voices Leone, a member of Night Raid with the belt Teigu Lionelle

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs - Leone


  • Mamiko Noto (Feel Nilvalen from No Game, No Life) will voice Schere, Night Raid member who has the scissor Teigu Ecstasy

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Schere


  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito from Sword Art Online) plays as Rabac, part of the Night Raid who wields the gloves Teigu Cross Tail

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Rabac


  • Katsuyuki Konishi (Luxus Dreher in Fairy Tail) will be voicing Braht, Night Raid member that uses the armour Teigu Incursio

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Braht


  • Risa Mizuno (Sayori Wakaba in Vampire Knight) voices Najenda, a member of Night Raid that has a secret Teigu

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Najenda


  • Satomi Akesaka (Henriette Mystere from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes) will voice Esdese, a high-ranking officer of the Empire and leader of the group Jaegers, Night Raid’s enemy. She has the Teigu Demon’s Extract that allows her to manipulate ice

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Esdese


  • Kanami Satou (Ashlynn in Log Horizon) will voice Aria, a new friend of Tatsumi

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Aria


  • Mikako Komatsu (Seishirou Tsugumi from Nisekoi) will be voicing Sayo, a childhood friend of Tatsumi

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Sayo


  • Kouji Takahashi (Ash Blake in Seikoku no Dragonar) will be voicing Ieyasu, another childhood friend of Tatsumi

Akame-ga-KILL-Character Designs -  Ieyasu


The anime will feature an Opening theme from Sora Amamiya, Akame’s VA, and the Ending theme will be sung by Miku Sawai, who performed Ending theme of Kill la Kill. The anime’s production crew is as follows:

  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi (Amagami SSUtawarerumono)
  • Script Writer: Makoto Uezu (Carnival Phantasm)
  • Scenario Supervisor: Takahiro (Manga creator)
  • Character Designer: Kazuhisa Nakamura (Jormungand)
  • Music Composer: Taku Iwasaki (Gurren LagannJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Animation Studio: White Fox (Steins;GateGochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?)

Akame ga Kill! is an original manga written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. The dark action fantasy manga launched in 2010 and is published in Square Enix’s monthly Gangan Joker magazine. To date there are 9 volumes of the manga complied. The manga has sold relatively well, with the eighth volume selling over 37,000 copies in its first week. Additionally, a prequel manga titled Akame ga Kill! Zero started serialization in October last year. It is once again written by Takahiro, but features Kei Toru as the artist.

Here is a synopsis of the series from MAL:

In a fantasy world, fighter Tatsumi sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his starving village, and finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all spreading from the depraved Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor’s ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the Capitol by mercilessly killing those responsible.

The Akame ga Kill! anime will be airing from July 7, during the Summer 2014 anime season, and will continue on into the Fall/Autumn 2014 anime season.

You can visit the anime’s official website here: http://akame.tv/
And follow them on Twitter: @akame_tv

Source Images – Akame ga Kill! Website
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