Charlotte Anime Information and Characters Revealed

Charlotte Anime Information and Characters Revealed

The most recent issue of ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki G’s Magazine has had a feature article on the recently announced Charlotte anime. The magazine has revealed a small snippet of information about the upcoming original series and a first look at the two main characters.


The latest Dengeki G’s Magazine issue has revealed the name of the anime’s two main characters: Nao Tomori and Yu Otosaka. Nao Tomori (left), the previously revealed character, is the president of the school’s student council. She is a stoic person. She studies very hard and has issues with problematic students. Yu Otosaka (right) is the leading character and hero of the Charlotte anime. He is an honors student that is quite stupid and does not study at all, often using mysterious techniques to cheat.

Some further details of the anime were also revealed in an interview with Jun Maeda.

  • He describes the plot of the anime as a typical Key story. He further compares the series to Angel Beats! where that series was unable to flesh out all the characters. This series will be different as their main focus will be on the characters.
  • The main characters of the series will revolve around the student council, where one of them are in a band. There will be two stage performances by the band.
  • The anime’s Opening and Ending themes, and the insert songs, will be written and composed by Jun Maeda (Angel Beats! Music & Creator, Clannad Music and Writer).
  • The genre of the songs will be rock focusing on women vocals where the voice actresses will be singing.
  • The first half of the anime will be more slow paced than Angel Beats! before picking up speed for the second half

Jun Maeda will also write the original screenplay for the anime, which will be produced by P.A. Works (Angel Beats!Nagi no Asukara) . It will also feature character designs from Na-Ga, a popular artist who works with Key on many of their famous visual novels and also the character designs of the Angel Beats! light novel, anime and visual novel.

Here is the website’s visual with the date:


Here is the announcement video for Charlotte:

Still, not a lot of information about Charlotte has been revealed. More information will be revealed in the upcoming months in Dengeki G’s Magazine and the anime’s website.

You can visit the anime’s website here:
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