Digimon 15th Anniversary Digivices – Promotional Video

The first promotional video has released for the 15th Anniversary Digivices. The devices themselves are completely remade and redesigned from the ground up. There will be two different 15th anniversary Digivice models available for purchase, an orange one based on Tai’s (Taichi) Digivice and the other blue one based on Matt’s (Yamato) Digivice from the 1999 anime. When you do get the Digivice you are able to receive one of many Digimon to raise and take care of. The currently confirmed list of Digimon (in their rookie state) are: Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Palmon, Patamon and Gatomon.

If you do want to purchase one the 15th Anniversary Digivices it will costs ¥9,900 (~ $99 USD). Pre-orders for the devices have opened and close on September 30th. The products will ship during December this year. You can pre-order the Digivices on Premium Bandai.

Here is the key visual of the Digimon 15th Anniversary project:


You can visit theDigimon 15th Anniversary website here: http://digimon-adventure.net/