Final Fantasy Agito Releases on IOS & Android in Japan

Japanese developer and publisher Square Enix has recently launched Final Fantasy Agito on mobile devices in Japan. The  free-to-play game, a prequel to the 2011 PlayStation Portable game Final Fantasy Type-0, has released on Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android devices.

Final Fantasy Agito Visual

Final Fantasy Agito is a prequel to Final Fantasy Type-0, which was also the latter’s name in development when it was originally set to release on mobile. The games are part of Square Enix’s Fabula Nova Crystallis series that started with Final Fantasy XIII in 2009. Agito is an episodic title in the series that features full turn based combat, opposed to Type-0′s action RPG combat (reminiscent of Final Fantasy Crisis Core).

The game has two modes, singleplayer and multiplayer. The singleplayer are missions based that are open for 10 days and after the missions are completed, there is an additional mission for multiplayer to defeat a very tough boss. When the final boss is defeated the chapter has been cleared. In the game players create their own character who is a new student at the academy training to be an Agito. The game is centered around player interactivity where you can design your character’s looks, jobs and choices within the story.

Here are some screenshots of the game.

Square Enix has also released the launch trailer for the game.

The game’s first week of release had over 500,000 registered players. There has been talks about bringing the mobile game and Type-0 over for Western fans, though no further developing on the localisation news has been revealed.

Final Fantasy Agito Logo

Final Fantasy Agito is currently available for free on the Japanese Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. On IOS devices the game requires IOS 7 in order to play. On Android devices the devices on this page are able to play the game.

You can visit the game’s website for more information (sound):

Source Images – Final Fantasy Agito Website
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