Military! Anime Adaptation Announced

During the recent Wonder Festival event in Chiba, Japan, it was announced that Mamo Williams’ 4koma manga Military! (Miritari!) will be receiving an anime adaptation.

Additionally, in this month’s issue of Manga Palette Lite has also celebrated the announcement with a full cover spread featuring the series’ main characters Ruto and Haruka.


Military! (Miritari!) is a 4koma manga written and illustrated by Mamo Williams. The series first debuted in Ichijinsha’s Manga Palette Lite magazine in 2011 and ended its original run in May last year. To date a total of 5 compiled volumes have been released. A sequel series titled Military! Otsugata (Miritari! Otsugata) began serialization in Manga Palette Lite’s April issue this year.

Here is a synopsis of the series from MAL:

The story takes place during a conflict between the Krakozhia Dukedom and the Grania Republic. In the midst of the fighting, a savior appears to the Krakozhia Dukedom, and it is a high school student named Yano Souhei. Two female soldiers, First Lieutenant Ruto and Second Lieutenant Haruka, appear in tanks to intrude on Souhei’s everyday life, followed by the enemy soldier Shachirofu, all of whom use firearms without hesitation at his house.

Not much is currently known about the Military! anime adaptation. Further information on the series will be released in the near future.

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