New Nintendo 3DS Releases in Australia on November 21st

The New Nintendo 3DS released in Japan back in October and tomorrow it will be out in Australia, the first country to be released outside of Japan. The new console itself boasts a range of new hardware and software features and improvements, including a new processor and the ability to customise the cover. It will be available in two models: the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL.


The biggest change that the system includes is a new CPU. This new processor will be used across the system, allowing faster loading times, faster downloads and play more powerful games. One such game is Xenoblade Chronicles, a port of the 2010 Wii RPG. The game will be exclusive to the new system and will not work on older 3DS, since it requires the new faster CPU. The game will be the first in a line of exclusive games for the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. Though, the new system will be able to play traditional 3DS and Nintendo DS games.

Here is the trailer for the game:

One of the improvements the new handheld has over its predecessor is a better viewing angle for its 3D feature. The 3DS introduced its glassesless 3D technology on its release, but some issues were had with it since it required players to view the screen from a specific angle and distance for the full effect. The new 3D utilises the inward camera of the handheld to detect the player’s face and pinpoint their location and angle, where it will adjust the 3D experience accordingly.


Here are some comparisons of the 3D in use between the original Nintendo 3DS XL and the New Nintendo 3DS XL at various angles:

The next feature of the new handheld are the new and redesigned buttons. One of the biggest additions is the Control Stick, a small analog nub. Players can use this new C Stick to act out as a second analog, but it is very sensitive. Additionally, two new shoulder buttons have been added, the ZL and the ZR buttons no the handheld’s shoulders. These new features were also present on the Circle Pad Pro add on for the original 3DS.



The new handheld will also have faster downloads utilising the new processor of the system. Here is a video comparing the download and install speeds between the new and old system:

Software additions include the compatibility for Nintendo’s new amiibo line of figures, where you can buy physical figures and use them to store data for various games. It utilises the bottom screen and connects via NFC.


There will also be a new upgraded Internet Browser that will allow players to view and watch videos. The new shoulder buttons will also be used to switch between the browser’s tabs and the C stick will be used to zoom in. And in regards to the browser, the Japanese release of the handheld included a Web Filter on the browser, which is removed when a credit card is attached to the account and a small fee is incurred. The Australian release, and possible other regional release, of the system will have no online filter.

A feature that was recently added to the 3DS via a software update was themes. You can customise the look of your home menu via official themes from the theme store. Take a look at some new themes releasing with the New Nintendo 3DS:

Without a doubt one new exciting thing about the New 3DS is the ability to customise the look of the handheld. With the introduction of Cover Plates you will be able to design your 3DS in any way you like. At launch Nintendo will have 20 official plates for you to switch and change. Each pack contains a separate bottom and top plate, so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Note that this is only for the New Nintendo 3DS and not the New Nintendo 3DS XL.


Here is a small collection of the plates:

Both the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL are larger than their original counterparts. The New 3DS will have a 84.6mm wide x 50.76mm high, 800×240 screen on the top and a 67.68mm wide x 50.76mm high, 320×240 screen on the bottom. The New 3DS XL will have a 106.2mm wide x 63.72mm high, 800×240 screen on the top and a 84.96mm wide x 63.72mm high, 320×240 screen on the bottom. The battery on the New 3DS XL will last approximately 3.5-7 hours on a 3DS game and 7-12 hours on a DS game. The New 3DS will last approximately 3.5-6 hours on a 3DS game, and 6.5-10.5 hours on a DS game. It will also take 3.5 hours for a full charge. Do note that the systems do not come with a charger, though the charger for the previous 3DS will suffice even though a new charger for the system will be on sale.

Here are the comparisons pictures, with the white handheld being a New 3DS and the blue a New 3DS XL:

And here is another look at the New 3DS in its black and white variations :

The New Nintendo 3DS will release in Australia for a RPP of $210 and the New Nintendo 3DS XL for a RPP of $250 tomorrow. The system will release in North America and Europe in 2015.

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