Pharrell Williams’ Newest Anime Inspired Music Video Features His Waifu

The world of anime is getting more and more popular, and now Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams has released the music video for his latest single It Girl and it is 100% anime. The song itself seems to be about one of the seemingly underage schoolgirls (lolis) from the video, where Williams also appears interacting with them. One of which may be his waifu (for which one he chooses is anyone’s guess).

The animation itself was done by veterans of the anime industry. It was produced by Takashi Murakami (a well known contemporary artist and founder of the Superflat art style), directed by Fantasista Utamaro (various anime music videos and colour designer on Hamatora The Animation) and animated by Studio NAZ (Hamatora The Animation, DRAMAtical Murder).

So what do you think of the song and music video? How do you feel about how Williams portrayed anime in the video? Let us know in the comments below.