Stand by Me Doraemon – Trailers 2 & 3

Two brand new trailers have released for the upcoming film Stand by Me Doraemon, the first 3D CGI and 36th overall film in the Doraemon franchise. Trailer 2 teases more of the film’s story and setting whilst trailer 3 introduces the film’s Himawari no Yakusoku by Motohiro Hata. The film is a combination of the stories from a few chapters of Fujiko Fujio’s original manga, mostly the chapter “Goodbye, Doraemon…” The film is also being teased as one of the final films/projects in the Doraemon franchise. Stand by Me Doraemon will be directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki (Space Battleship Yamato) and co-directed by Ryuichi Yagi (Friends: Mononoke Shima no Naki).

Stand by Me Doraemon will open in Japanese theatres on August 8.

Here is the latest visual of the movie:


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