Summer Anime 2014 Chart V2.0 [Neregate]

We are halfway through the Spring season and as the bees and flowers are getting ready for the increased temperatures, so should you. Why bother going outside and getting sunburnt when you can stay inside away from all the sunlight? Well, to make your decision easier Zana from Neregate has released the second version of the Summer Anime 2014 chart. So you can now know when to stay inside watching anime and when to just stay inside. As per usual, the anime charts are not final as of yet. Bits and pieces of new information about upcoming anime are always revealed as the season approaches so who knows, maybe a particular sequel season to your favourite anime might be announced a day before the season starts?

As for the standout anime:

  • The upcoming hyped original mecha anime from Gen Urobuchi – Aldnoah Zero
  • The anime adaptation of the popular mobile game featuring moe battleships Kantai Collection
  • Zankyou no Terror, a new anime from Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of Cowboy Bebop
  • The super highly anticipated second season of Ai Mai Mi (I think it’s anticipated or something or am I brainwashed)
  • The best magical girl anime is back, for real this time, Sailor Moon Crystal
  • The intense and dark, hopefully not censored, world of Akame ga Kill!
  • and of course Sword Art Online II

As usual, there is an alternative to the usual seasonally anime charts in the form of a website:

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Summer Anime 2014 Chart V2.0 [Neregate]

PS. That won’t happen
Source Image – Neregate