World Trigger Anime to Be Animated by Toei Animation

The official website for the World Trigger anime has officially opened and with its launch, the site revealed that Toei Animation (Sailor Moon Crystal, One Piece) will be animating the series. In addition, a new visual was released on the site.


World Trigger is a Sci-Fi manga written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. The series began early last year in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounnen Jump magazine. To date there has been a total of 5 volumes released. The manga is also currently available on Viz Media’s digital Weekly Shonen Jump.

Here is a synopsis of the series from MAL:

A gate to another dimension has burst open, and from it emerge gigantic invincible creatures that threaten all of humanity. Earth’s only defense is a mysterious group of warriors who have co-opted the alien technology in order to fight back!

Here is the anime’s first visual


The anime adaptation of World Trigger will be airing this October, during the Fall/Autumn 2014 anime season. More information will released at a later date.

You can visit the anime’s website here:
And follow their Twitter: @W_Trigger_off

Source Article and Image – World Trigger Website
“World Trigger”, images and all associated  brands and titles © 2014 Daisuke Ashihara and Shueisha

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