39 Anime Games on Sale on Steam’s Anime Weekend Sale

Valve’s PC online video game distributor Steam have just started their new weekend sale and this time it is all about that anime. The Steam Anime Weekend Sale, running from today till the 12th at 10am PST, has 39 anime related games on sale between 25% off to  75% off.

Steam-Anime-Weekend-Sale Logo

There are a bunch of games on sale this weekend, many of which are very good. From original visual novels, to fast paced action games, there is surely at least one game that will pique your interest. A few of the games that we recommend include:

This is a very good action arena, fighting game with amazing visuals that follows the Naruto Shippuden anime closely. You can read our review on the game here.


Instead of being a hero in a typical JRPG world, why not run the item shop? This game is a sort of management game where you have to meet your rent, where you also go into dungeons finding items to sell.


Whilst there is a newer BlazBlue game on steam, this one has great value and is actually sold in European regions. The game is a traditional 2D fighting game with amazing high quality anime sprites and over the top colourful visuals and combat.


This game is as close to Mario Party as you can get, but with anime characters. This game isn’t as in depth as Mario Party and focuses on cards for abilities and combat, but still has the traditional friendship breaking moments.


A very well written visual novel that goes out of its way to satirised the whole genre, whilst still being an enjoyable and hilarious game. It is a really absurd game and I do recommend that everybirdy purchase the game.

There are heaps more wonderful games on the sale to purchase:





Anything spark your interest? Be sure not to go crazy and buy everything, as Steam sales usually go. If you do want to check something out visit the sale page here: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/anime_sale