A Quick Look at All the Characters of Yandere Simulator

The one and only psychotic, true to life, game where you can explore your yandere dreams has grown in popularity over the past few months. Yandere Simulator has expanded in that time providing more updates and more things to do in game. One of the additions are more diverse characters in the game and the fine folks at RockyBytes have produced a infographic to help you keep track of all the characters.


There is more to being a yandere than keeping an eye on your precious senpai. There are other students who may witness what you do, teachers who may expel Yandere-chan, and even other girls that may try to get senpai’s attention. To keep track of all the characters, what they do and how to deal with them, RockyBytes have produced an infographic of all the characters in the game, at the moment.


In Yandere Simulator you will play as Yandere-chan, a loveable school girl who is currently fixated on her beloved senpai. Unfortunately for her, there’s competition as other girls are also homing in and interested in him. It is your job to “eliminate” the competition and have senpai all to yourself. In the game you will have to attend school like every school girl, but unlike every school girl you’re there for different reasons. Even before school, Yandere-chan lives a different life as evident in her unusual room.

Here is a video showcasing the current state of Yandere-chan’s room and what you can find there:

There is more than one way you can remove the competition from school. Instead of killing one of the competing girls and hiding their bodies, why not kidnap them? This way you can keep the competition tied up and possibility learn their secrets. But before you can kidnap them you should be befriend them first. This way you can earn their trust, take them to a secluded location and subdue them. Then you can take them to your empty basement.

But you do have to be careful when you are trying any of these tactics as you will come across some obstacles, teachers. You don’t want to be expelled from the school and never be reunited with you senpai again do you?

You also have to be careful about how you present yourself in front of senpai or you may scare him off:

Additional new features are noted in the following video:

The game itself is currently available for download, though the current version available for download is only a debug version. The developer has noted that the current playable build of the game currently presents 5% of the game’s full features. Since it is quite an early build there will be issues and bugs. The point of the playable build is also to test the current build and find any new bugs, and for people to explore the world of a Yandere. You can download the most recent developer build here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/

Here is a selection of screenshots of the game:

You can download the current debug version of Yandere Simulator here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/
If you would like to support the development of the game, become a Patron on their Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YandereDev
For more information and to keep up to date, visit the game’s website: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/
And follow their Twitter: @YandereDev

Source Article and Images – RockyBytes
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