Angel Beats!-1st Beat- – Opening Video + Screenshots

The full Opening video for Angel Beats!-1st Beat-, the visual novel of the series, has been released. The video shows us the Opening of the game, which gives us an overview of the game, its characters, scenes and also plays the opening theme song, Heartily Song sung by Lia, who performed the Opening theme of the original anime. The game will feature the return of the anime’s voice cast and will cover three character arcs: Iwasawa, Matsushita and Yui. It will be the first volume in the visual novel and reportedly reaches up to the 10th episode of the anime.

Angel Beats!-1st Beat- will be releasing on PC in Japan on May 29th.

The official website of the game has released new sets of screenshots:

Here is the main visual of the game:


The the game’s official website here:
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