Animator Expo 2014 – Theatrical Release Trailer

After the success of Animator Expo 2014, the entire project will be coming to theatres across Japan to showcase 15 unique anime shorts during the expo, 12 from 2014 and 3 from the upcoming 2015 season. This new trailer showcases a tease of all the shorts that will be shown in theatres, including TeddyLoid’s popular ME!ME!ME! anime short. All of the shorts are produced by Studio Khara (The Rebuild of Evenagelion films) in collaboration with Japanese production company Dwango, with Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster OVA) as executive producer. The aim of Animator Expo is to promote young animators in the industry and showcase their unique ideas.

15 shorts from Animator Expo will be shown in 10 theatres in Japan from July 25th for two weeks, with tickets costing ¥2,000 (~ $16.50 USD) without tax. For more information visit:

Here is the main visual of the project:


You can visit the official website of the project here:
And follow them on Twitter: @animatorexpo