Charlotte Anime – Promotional Video 3

The third promotional video has been revealed for the upcoming original Charlotte anime has been released online. The new video reveals the main premise of the upcoming anime, showcasing the main characters and their voices. The PV also previews the Opening theme song of the anime, Bravely You by Lia. The anime itself is helmed by Jun Maeda (Angel Beats!, Clannad) who will write and compose the music for the anime alongside Anant-Garde Eyes (Angel Beats!, Mekakucity Actors). It will be produced by P.A. Works (Angel Beats!, Nagi no Asukara) and directed by Yoshiyuki Asai (Ah! My Goddess and Soul Eater Episode Director).

The Charlotte anime will start airing from July 5th at 12:00am JST on Tokyo MX during the Summer 2015 anime season.

The preview video of the first episode was earlier revealed:

Here is the second PV of the anime:

The members of the anime’s main cast includes:

  • Ayane Sakura (Gasper Vladi from High School DxD New) voices Nao Tomori, the hard working, narcissist first year student who is also the president of the student council. She has the ability to remove herself from the vision of one person at a time. She studies very hard and has issues with problematic students.



  • Kouki Uchiyama (Raku Ichijou in Nisekoi) as Yuu Otosaka, a rude first year student with the ability to hijack the bodies of others for five seconds. Uses the ability to memorize test answers of better students. He is an idiot and is also bad at studying. He usually behaves as if he were smart, but he is actually a chronic cheater. Once he makes friends with somebody, they notice that he is an idiot.



  • Takahiro Mizushima (Takamatsu from Angel Beats!) will be voicing Joujirou Takajou, he can move at such high speeds that he looks like he’s teleporting. However, he cannot totally able to control where he stops, so he has to wear protective gear under his school uniform to prevent injury.



  • Maaya Uchida (Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!) is voicing Yusa Nishimori, the lead vocalist for the band How-Low-Hello and a medium able to speak to the dead. She uncontrollably channels her deceased elder sister. When this occurs her appearance changes, such as her eye color from blue to red.



  • Maaya Uchida will also voice Misa, Yusa’s elder sister



  • Momo Asakura (Sumi Otokawa from Sakura Trick) voices Ayumi Otosaka


Here is the latest visual of the anime:


The anime’s website has also revealed the synopsis of the story of Charlotte:

Set in a word in which a small percent of children manifest super powers upon reaching puberty, the series follows the Nouryokusha mono, power bearer, members of the “Hoshi No Umi” Academy student council as they help peers with problems arising from their abilities.

You can visit the anime’s website here:
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