Clannad Full Voice Edition - Visual Novel Intro [English Subtitled]

Clannad Full Voice Edition – Visual Novel Intro [English Subtitled]

Visual novel publisher Sekai Project have released the introduction video for their upcoming localisation for Key’s Clannad visual novel. Their upcoming release will be an English localisation of the Clannad Full Voice Edition coming to Steam, which contains voice acting for all characters. The cast is also the same voice cast that in the 2007 anime series from Kyoto Animation.  The game was successfully funded via Kickstarter.

Clannad Full Voice Edition will be released on Steam in English sometime in 2015.

Here is the main visual for Clannad Full Voice Edition:


Here is a synopsis of the series from MAL:

Okazaki Tomoya is a delinquent who finds life dull and believes he’ll never amount to anything. Along with his friend Sunohara, he skips school and plans to waste his high school days away.

One day while walking to school, Tomoya passes a young girl muttering quietly to herself. Without warning she exclaims “Anpan!” (a popular Japanese food) which catches Tomoya’s attention. He soon discovers the girl’s name is Furukawa Nagisa and that she exclaims things she likes in order to motivate herself. Nagisa claims they are now friends, but Tomoya walks away passing the encounter off as nothing.

However, Tomoya finds he is noticing Nagisa more and more around school. Eventually he concedes and befriends her. Tomoya learns Nagisa has been held back a year due to a severe illness and that her dream is to revive the school’s drama club. Claiming he has nothing better to do, he decides to help her achieve this goal along with the help of four other girls.

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