Kyoukai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here- Kako-hen – Yakusoku no Kizuna Dance Promotional Video

Kyoto Animation have released a brand new video for the first part in the upcoming anime film adaptations of Nagomu Torii and Tomoyo Kamoi’s Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) light novel series, Kyoukai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here- Kako-hen (The Past). This video previews the dance sequence for the insert song Yakusoku no Kizuna that was used in the 6th episode of the anime. The movie is the first part of the Kyoukai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here- project and will be a compilation film covering the anime series. The second film Mirai-hen (The Future) will be new original footage and will be set one year after the events of the anime. The main cast will return in both films with Risa Taneda (Aya Komichi in Kiniro Mosaic) as Mirai Kuriyama and KENN (Hibito Nanba from Uchuu Kyoudai) as Akihito Kanbara leading the cast.

The two Kyoukai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here- films will be releasing in Japanese theatres this Spring. The first film, Kyoukai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here – Kako-hen, is a compilation film releasing on March 14th, and the second is a brand new film set after the series, Kyoukai no Kanata -I’ll Be Here – Mirai-hen, releasing on April 25.

Here is the latest trailer for the film:

Here is the latest visual for the films:


Here is a synopsis of the anime from MAL:

The dark fantasy follows a high school sophomore named Akihito Kanbara. Although the boy appears human, he is half youmu and invulnerable to wounds because he can heal quickly. One day, Akihito meets freshman Mirai Kuriyama when it seems she is about to jump from the school rooftop. Mirai is isolated because of her ability to manipulate blood, which is unique even among members of the spirit world. Disturbing events begin to unfold after Akihito saves Mirai.

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