Lia and Aoi Tada to Perform Main Theme Songs of Charlotte Anime

The official website of Jun Maeda’s upcoming Charlotte anime has revealed the performers of the July anime’s main theme songs. Lia will be performing the OP and Aoi Tada will be singing the anime’s ED, who also performed the theme songs for Angel Beats!.

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Lia is a female Japanese singer who has performed various songs for anime. She has also previously worked with Jun Maeda, singing My Soul, Your Beats!, the Opening theme song of Angel Beats!, as well as theme songs for Clannad: After StoryAir and Little Busters! Refrain.


Aoi Tada is also a Japanese female singer that has performed theme songs for various anime. She is known for Brave Song, the Ending theme song of Angel Beats!, and the theme songs for Aquarion and Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino.


Here is My Soul, Your Beats! the OP of Angel Beats! by Lia:

And Brave Song, the ED of Angel Beats! by Aoi Tada:

The anime’s site has been updated with new information and character designs about the two previously revealed main characters of the anime. It has also unveiled two new characters joining the cast:

  • Nao Tomori, the hard working, narcissist first year student who is also the president of the student council. She has the ability to remove herself from the vision of one person at a time. She studies very hard and has issues with problematic students. She’s also huge fan of one of the anime’s bands, ZHIEND.



  • Yuu Otosaka, a rude first year student with the ability to hijack the bodies of others for five seconds. Uses the ability to memorize test answers of better students. He is an idiot and is also bad at studying. He usually behaves as if he were smart, but he is actually a chronic cheater. Once he makes friends with somebody, they notice that he is an idiot. He is not sly or crafty at all. He just says things which sound clever, and he is a narcissist.



  • Joujirou Takajou, he can move at such high speeds that he looks like he’s teleporting. However, he cannot totally able to control where he stops, so he has to wear protective gear under his school uniform to prevent injury.



  • Yusa Nishimori, the lead vocalist for the band How-Low-Hello and a medium able to speak to the dead. She uncontrollably channels her deceased elder sister. When this occurs her appearance changes, such as her eye color from blue to red.


The anime’s website has revealed that music producers Anant-Garde Eyes will be producing the music of the anime, alongside music composer Jun Maeda. The group itself is well known for the production of the music of Angel Beats! and Mekakucity Actors. They have also arranged the theme songs for the Ending themes of both anime, as well as the OP of Clannad: After Story.

They will join the staff of the anime, which includes:

  • Director: Yoshiyuki Asai (Ah! My Goddess and Soul Eater Episode Director)
  • Anime Character Designer: Kanami Sekiguchi (Shirobako, Tari Tari)
  • Original Character Designer: Na-Ga (Clannad, Angel Beats!)
  • Art Director: Kazuki Higashiji (Angel Beats!, Nagi no Asukara)
  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida (Angel Beats!, Assassination Classroom)
  • Music Composer and Screenplay Writer: Jun Maeda (Angel Beats!, Clannad)
  • Music Producers: Anant-Garde Eyes (Angel Beats!, Mekakucity Actors)
  • Animation Studio: P.A. Works (Angel Beats!, Nagi no Asukara)

Here is the first PV of the anime:

The second PV:

The first commercial of the anime:

And the second CM:

The previous issue of Dengeki G’s magazine has revealed the first details of the anime in an interview with Jun Maeda.

  • He describes the plot of the anime as a typical Key story. He further compares the series to Angel Beats! where that series was unable to flesh out all the characters. This series will be different as their main focus will be on the characters.
  • The main characters of the series will revolve around the student council, where one of them are in a band. There will be two stage performances by the band.
  • The anime’s Opening and Ending themes, and the insert songs, will be written and composed by Jun Maeda (Angel Beats! Music & Creator, Clannad Music and Writer).
  • The genre of the songs will be rock focusing on women vocals where the voice actresses will be singing.
  • The first half of the anime will be more slow paced than Angel Beats! before picking up speed for the second half

The anime’s website has also revealed the synopsis of the story of Charlotte:

Set in a word in which a small percent of children manifest super powers upon reaching puberty, the series follows the Nouryokusha mono, power bearer, members of the “Hoshi No Umi” Academy student council as they help peers with problems arising from their abilities.


The Charlotte anime will be airing this July during the Summer 2015 anime season. More information about the anime will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

You can visit the anime’s website here:
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