Fall/Autumn 2016 Anime Chart 3.0 [neregate]

The Fall/Autumn 2016 anime season has just started and to help you out for the start of the season, Zana from neregate has released a third and final version of the Fall/Autumn 2016 anime chart. The chart lists out all the amazing anime that will be airing and releasing this season, so make sure you have a good scope before diving in.

Some anime shows to keep track of:

  • Hibike! Euphonium Season 2 – will they or won’t they
  • Sangatsu no Lion – animated by Shaft no less
  • Natsume Yuujinchou GO – it has been quite a long time for fans
  • Keijo!!!!!!!! – just take a look at this
  • WWW.Working!! – While it is not a sequel, it is still more Working!!
Click on the image for the full resolution:



Source Article and Image - Neregate