Over Half of Young Japanese Animators Rely on Family for Money

Japanese non profit organisation AEYAC has released a preview of their survey about the current state of young animators working in the Japanese anime industry. The organisation, who aim to support youth anime creators, revealed that more than half of its respondents are relying on their family for financial support and stability.


In AEYAC’s survey about animators for the 2016 fiscal year there were a total of 153 anonymous animator responses. Of the 153 responses 29% were male, 69% were female and the remaining 2% were other.

From the total responses approximately 53% of animators were receiving some kind of financial support from their families (where none of animators were cited as the main source of income for their family). 35% of the animators are still currently living with their family and 18% were living by themselves but with an allowance. Of the animators that were living independently, 58% of the respondents had to withdraw from their savings accounts in order to stay afloat.

Of the animators who were paying rent, the most frequent costs were the ¥30,000 (~ US$260) and ¥50,000 (~ US$432) bracket with 32% of responses.

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • Majority of the animators only travel 30 minutes or less to work
  • 14% of animators take between 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours to commute to work
  • 61% of animators living with their families have a commute time more than an hour
  • 76 % of animators not living with their families have a commute time of 30 minutes or less
  • 33% of animators are still paying back loans under Japan’s scholarship system

To add on to the final point, repaying the loans have been attributed to one of the main problem of animators, among low wages.

AEYAC will publish their full survey and report in February 2017.

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