Nutaku and Kimochi Partner up for Steam-like Client for Adult Games & Visual Novels

Steam has become the biggest digital distribution service on PC with a library of over 7,000 games. Yet however, Steam have prohibited the sale of a niche in the video game industry, adults games. This is where Nutaku and Kimochi come in.


Nutaku is an online store specialising in the sale of Japanese adult games, commonly referred to as hentai, who are teaming up with Kimochi, who had produced a client similar to Valve’s Steam client as a place for adult games. The new client, named Nutaku, combines the client produced by Kimochi with the library of games that the Nutaku store offers.


The client has only just released so it is a bit barebones. Development and support for the store will occur in the future as more games will appear on the store. There has been many visual novels seeing western releases on Steam, however due to their policy all adult and pornographic content must be censored. The Nutaku store will allow full uncensored content.

You will need a Nutaku account, register here: and you can download the client on Kimochi’s website here:

You can also find more information about the partnership on the Nutaku Blog.
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