Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume – Preview Video

A new preview video has been revealed for the upcoming anime adaptation of Key’s Planetarian (Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume) visual novel. This new 6 minute long video previews the scenes from the ONA and introduces the main characters. The video also previews the Ending theme song, Twinkle Star by Sayaka Sasaki.

There will be two anime adaptations of Planetarian is from David Production. The first will be a 5 episode ONA series that will start streaming on NicoNico from July 7th. The second is an anime film set to release on September 3rd.

Here is the anime’s first promotional video:

The cast members of the game’s main characters will return to voice their respective characters:

  • Keiko Suzuki (Haruka Saigusa in Little Busters!) will return to voice Yumemi Hoshino



  • Daisuke Ono (Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler) is back as Kuzuya


The site has also revealed additional cast members, whose characters they will voice have yet to been revealed:

  • Rina Satou (Mikoto Misaka in Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • Yasumichi Kushida (Noburo Mikami from Ghost Stories)
  • Tamio Ooki (Umatarou Tenma in Astro Boy 1980)
  • Akiko Takeguchi (Yolanda in Black Lagoon)
  • Satoshi Taki (Inagaki from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
  • Masaru Shinozuka (Debut Role)
  • Yoko Hikasa (Mio Akiyama in K-ON!)
  • Sanae Fuku (Nene Nanakorobi from Koukaku no Pandora)
  • Shizuka Ishigami (Ellis Fahrengart in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance)
  • Minami Tsuda (Yui Funami in YuruYuri)
  • Yuuki Kuwahara (Hime Arikawa from Himegoto)

The leading members of the production staff for both series includes:

  • Director and Script Writer: Naokatsu Tsuda (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Inu × Boku SS)
  • Series Directors: Katsuichi Nakayama (Nishi no Yoki Majo – Astraea Testament, Evangelion 2.0 Assistant Director) and Shunsuke Machitani (Inazuma Eleven GO and Oreimo Episode Director)
  • Series Composer: Shogo Yasukawa (Terraformars, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry)
  • Anime Character Designer: Hitomi Takechi (Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation, Fuse: Teppou Musume no Torimonochou)
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi (Terraformars, NouCome)
  • Music Composer: Shinji Orito (Clannad, Little Busters!)
  • Animation Studio: David Production (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation)

Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet (Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume) is a Japanese kinetic/visual novel developed by Key and published by Visual Arts. The game was released on PC in late 2004 in Japan, before being ported onto the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in subsequent years. The series was also adapted into a light novel series and a series of Drama CDs. The game itself became available internationally on Steam in 2014.

Here is the game’s synopsis from Steam:

It is thirty years after the failure of the Space Colonization Program. Humanity is nearly extinct. A perpetual and deadly Rain falls on the Earth. Men known as “Junkers” plunder goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization. One such Junker sneaks alone into the most dangerous of all ruins—a “Sarcophagus City.” In the center of this dead city, he discovers a pre-War planetarium. And as he enters he is greeted by Hoshino Yumemi, a companion robot. Without a single shred of doubt, she assumes he is the first customer she’s had in 30 years. She attempts to show him the stars at once, but the planetarium projector is broken. Unable to make heads or tails of her conversation, he ends up agreeing to try and repair the projector…


You can visit the anime’s website here:
And follow their Twitter: @planetarian_pj