Summer 2016 Anime Chart 1.0 [Neregate]

The flowers are blooming and colours are popping as Spring is currently in full swing. The current anime season has much to offer and it is about the time that decisions are to be made for what anime to stick too. While brains are rattling, take a little break with a little insight to whats airing next season. The first version of the Summer 2016 Anime Chart from Zana at neregate. Do note that since we are still a long way off from the start of the next season (July) all information in the chart is not final.

Here are a few anime that may pique some interest:

  • Rewrite– based on the Key visual novel
  • Berserk – the real black swordsman is back
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! – will the best idols be dethroned?
  • Mob Psycho 100 – based on a manga by ONE (One Punch-Man)
Click on the image for the full resolution:


Source Image - Neregate