BBC Interviews Girls und Panzer’s Character Designer – “Fiction like This Should Be Banned”

Takeshi Nogami, the character designer of the Girls und Panzer anime, went on Twitter recently about an interview he had with the BBC about his work. Nogami was interviewed by English Journalist Stacey Dooley, who was questioning him on the topic of sexualizing children condemned his work on the anime and mentioned that all fiction like Girls und Panzer would be banned throughout the entire 3 hour interview.


Nogami is one of the original character designers of the 2012 anime Girls Und Panzer and assisted in the designs of the Shirobako OVA. He has also worked on various manga such as the Strike Witches manga adaptations, Shidenkai no Maki and Koutetsu no Shoujo-tachi.

According to the various Tweets from Nogami, he had an interview session with BBC’s Stacey Dooley for roughly 3 hours for her documentary on young sex workers in Japan (full documentary below). He noted that their stances during the interview were polar opposites; Nogami thinks that all humans inherently have ‘dirty desires’.Whilst Dooley’s stance is that humans have no ‘dirty desires’ but are corrupted to have such thoughts through media depicting sinful material such as erotica, pedophillia and gore.

Nogami sums up Dooley’s position in the interview as that of a hitman from Rei Hiroe’s Black Lagoon who is determined to bring justice to pedophiles and producers of pedophilic content. He also mentions that justice can be scary when it manifests into people and infects them. Nogami mentions that this topic should not even be touched when poverty still exists in the UK. Dooley, however, ignored his statement. Dooley states that in order to tackle child abuse all fiction like Girls und Panzer should to be banned.


Nogami argues that the UK should solve the issue of poverty before tackling child abuse, and insists that legalising such fiction would result in a lowered crime rate. He assumes that this is a common line of thought for countries in the Commonwealth (explaining that you can be arrested for having pornographic comics in Canada) so his words won’t be able to reach her.

Dooley’s closing statement in the interview asks Nogami

Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?

 Nogami rebuts:

Why don’t you British people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have lower crime rate than the UK?

He thinks that this is where the Commonwealth should start thinking on the lines of.

Here is the full translation of Nogami’s Tweets from Twitter user @walterinsect:

“I was interviewed by this lady at my workplace. One-on-one Q&A session for three hours. Through that I realized one most important thing. I was thinking about releasing it online as manga but… The core difference between this interviewer and myself was the attitude towards human being. My position is… “all human beings have “dirty desires”. Isn’t it better to be vented appropriately?”. On the contrary…Ms Susie(sic) stated this. “All human beings are naturally innocent and have no “dirty desires” and reading media…media depicting erotic, pedophilic, and gore contents will affect them to be corrupted”. Then I realized.So the definition of human being, or Operating System(sic) is different. After three hour long interview, this realization was the most productive experience, I think. Oh, on top of that, she said, with a look of a hitman in BLACK LAGOON, “My desire is to put all pedophiles, and ones who produce pedophilic media into jail”. Ah, “Justice” is kinda scary when it infects people. Isn’t she trying to substitute everything into the subject of that sentence? It’s been two times where I was interviewed like this. She ignored me when I said… “Don’t look at us to turn away from your problem within the UK”…. During the interview, we touched upon ways that we can tackle the child abuse issues in Commonwealth world. She said “banning all fictions like this!”. I suggested “Well, solve poverty first. Legalizing fictions that has no victims will lower the crime rate”. She seemed like she didn’t get the idea. It seems that her view is a common one throughout the Commonwealth countries (that’s why you get arrested… for having porn comic in Canada), so objection in words might not help much. It might be better to foster… young, enthusiastic “comrades” within them. Ms Susie(sic) asked me, with formal voice, “Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?” so I answered… “Why don’t you British people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have lower crime rate than the UK?”. I think the starting line is here.”

Dooley’s interview with Nogami is part of her research into the sexualisation of children in Japan that aired on BBC3. You can see the full documentary here (if you are in the UK you can stream it on BBC’s iPlayer or purchase a digital release from the official BBC Store):

Girls und Panzer is an original anime series that aired from October 2012 till March 2013. The series is produced by studio Actas (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch PureSwitch) and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (AnotherShinryaku! Ika Musume). Four manga adaptations of the series were produced since 2012, all of which are published by Media Factory. A light novel adaptation was also produced in 2012, as well as a video game based on the series that released on the PlayStation Vita in June 2014. An anime film titled Girls und Panzer der Film was released on November 21st, 2015 and became one of the highest grossing anime movies. The film is being followed up by Girls Und Panzer: The Final Chapter, a 6 part film series that will release its first chapter this December.

Here is a synopsis of the series from MAL:

You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai High School practice gun-fu—really, really BIG 75mm gun-fu, in fact. It’s called Sensha-do, and it’s the martial art of operating armored tanks! They take it seriously too, and since winning the national Sensha-do championship is such a huge deal at Oarai, they sometimes go to extreme ends in order to get the best students from Panzer class to sign up. Which is how Miho Nishizumi, who HATES operating tanks, gets drafted to join doomsday-driven driver Mako, even-triggered gunner Hana, highly receptive radio operator Saori and combustible tank-fangirl and loader Yukari as the incomparable Anko Team. They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe a few of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they’re absolutely driven.


Whether or not you agree/disagree with Nogami or Dooley, both sides do bring compelling arguments. Watch the full documentary with Nogami’s thoughts in mind before coming to a conclusion.

You can follow Takeshi Nogami here: @takeshi_nogami
And follow Stacey Dooley here: @StaceyDooley

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158 responses to “BBC Interviews Girls und Panzer’s Character Designer – “Fiction like This Should Be Banned”

    1. A BBC 3 “documentary” is not a true documentary by any stretch of the imagination. If the production staff does NOT push some sort of 21st century left wing political agenda, then it will be agaisnt company policy to air it and people could lose their jobs.

  1. Dooley is an idiot. Out of all the actual problems in the world today she attacks a sports anime that’s utterly devoid of any kind of sexuality or fanservice. Unless one is attracted to tanks anyway… I have to assume she mistook GuP for Strike Witches or something.

    1. nah shes a governmental biased SJW who thinks the world needs to be cleansed of everything that doesnt agree with the current governments opinion

      1. I wonder what she’ll do after those Arabs who breed like cockroaches come to control parliament and lower the age of consent to twelve? Her entire argument is based on legal statutes. The age of consent is eighteen, therefore, anybody who has any sexual attractions towards women of breeding age that are 17, is a sick demented monster. What if these laws were to change?

    2. Sure is one of these gays who want ban the world “mother” because offend them.

    3. I was about to say the same thing! GuP has practically no fanservice, and the swimsuit episode came as an OVA with no blatant fanservice either. Dooley clearly has no idea what the difference is between moe and fanservice, and yet thinks she has any qualification to be commenting, let alone making a documentary, on sex culture in Japan?

    4. There are bathscenes and things like that so it’s not devoid of fanservice. Though it really isn’t bad in that regard.

  2. It bothers me how Western society is trying to accuse Japan of wrongdoings simply because of their cultural differences that Westerners have difficulty understanding.Eastern society lends itself to catering to human behavior, needs, and basic human rights, whereas Western society seems to be more obsessed with money and productivity than the value of a human life. Good for Nogami defending his position and even jabbing back at this seemingly very biased UK reporter. And I think it goes without saying… these comparisons with real life vs. fiction hold no real ground and simply need to stop. Fiction is fiction because it is not reality.

    1. ^^^this isnt a shared opinion BTW, alot of us british enjoy our cartoons/manga and dont want to see it disappear this is a biased opinion set by the BBC as it is a government owned service that displays the opinions of the government more or less and it shares no opinion of british attitude or culture..

      1. I’m just making a generalization. Of course there is a large portion of the public that sees the world in a different and less close-minded way. Unfortunately the free thinkers are a minority. I am an American, but I don’t align myself with a lot of the typical American viewpoints. We have similar countries in that both the US and UK are easily controlled and manipulated through government to push certain agendas and beliefs.

        1. Yeah. I live in the UK and certainly do not align myself with like, 99% of British viewpoints. (Whatever they are…)

        2. Yeah, you’re making a really huge and laughably incorrect generalization:

          “Eastern society lends itself to catering to human behavior, needs, and basic human rights, whereas Western society seems to be more obsessed with money and productivity than the value of a human life.”

          This is 100% backwards, and I have no idea how you ever came to this conclusion. You’re aware that the guy in this interview (along with most of the fans and industry of anime and manga) are a minority of the population considered weirdos and losers by most of the rest of the society they live in, right? In reality mainstream Japanese culture is all highly obsessed with hierarchical social status, outward appearance, repressing your emotions as to not rock the boat, and subservience to authority for the greater good which manifests itself in the last few generations all working themselves to death while almost practically living at their jobs:

          they literally use the same honorifics for their bosses as they do kings and _gods_, that’s how crazy and controlling Japanese corporate culture is. It’s even worse in places like China, where a similarly strict corporate culture also exists but instead of most people having professional jobs that pay a fair wage it’s city-sized sweatshops as far as the eye can see with such appalling hours, working conditions, and barracks-style living conditions they have to install suicide nets around all the factories because so many people stuck in that situation would rather off themselves than keep living such a pointless existence.

          Even in the nicer developed countries like Japan and South Korea human rights are actually pretty questionable compared to most western nations, since most of those cultures are pretty collectivist in origin human rights are second consideration to societal order. The strict criminal justice system of Japan is basically what civil activists are terrified of the criminal system of the US is turning into. For example all judges on every level are appointed by the government, and instead of a varied jury of your peers which are vetted and approved by both defense and prosecution in the interest of fairness all Japanese court cases are decided only by one to three government-appointed judges (depending on the level of the court.)

          Because of this flawed system, where your fate rests in the hands of government employees whose only job is to try and secure convictions, the country has a conviction rate of over 99%. That’s insane because it means that the police are ultimately the arbiters of guilt and the judges job is just to shovel you into prison once they appear before you, but looking at many cases in the west police have been found to be laughably wrong in their arrests if not guilty of fabricating evidence outright. It’s not like Japanese police are Minority Report precogs instead of also just being plain old humans with all their flaws, biases, and incorrect assumptions as well. The Japanese criminal justice system also specifically allows for long detentions without charges being filed, legal prohibitions on lawyers being present during interrogations, and a difficult and extremely limited appeal process which _always_ fails along with many other draconian laws that western civil rights advocates fight against tooth and nail. There’s also a massive human trafficking problem that’s mostly ignored, and bafflingly enough despite being a pretty strict and relatively socially-conservative society the country didn’t ban child pornography until just a few years ago. *~*HUMAN RIGHTS*~*

          I can see ignoring those things to romanticize Japan as it’s an overall fairly nice place with some serious problems (just like everywhere in the developed world,) but to claim “Eastern society lends itself to… human rights” instead of “money and productivity”when China suppresses freedom of speech at every turn, allows its people to become near-slaves in dangerous factory-cities for pennies an hour, and generally ignores most civil rights we take for granted to feed their economy based on cheap compliant labor? You’d have to be crazy to actually believe that:

          Eastern cultures are usually based on Confucianism which heavily emphasizes authority and order over individual rights, while western nations more often than not base their social contracts on Enlightment philosophy that heavily emphases that society is a morally-relative construct while the individual is the living, feeling, aware building block upon which society is based so the balance of individualism and collectivism must be tilted more in the favor of the former than the latter. After all, an abstract construct such as society cannot suffer under the yoke of civil liberties or personal freedoms but a person can certainly suffer under (or even by killed by) authoritarianism in the name of societal order or some vaguely-defined greater good.

          Again, what are you basing these assumptions of your upon??

    2. They dont’ value human life any more than us. They may think they do, and it may look that way, but explain why city office workers are being worked to death if they care about human worth so much? They literally created a hologram waifu to give overworked people with no time for social life a person to talk to.

      1. There’s important values dissonance there: to them, productivity and usefulness to society *is* human worth. Often, those working extremely hard do it not because they’re forced to, but because they want to prove their worth to their employers, and they want to feel useful. It’s in the worker’s mind; none of it is compulsory.

        Conversely, oftentimes the western work culture veers towards ‘work less for more/equal pay’. This is not to say it’s necessarily bad – just a sharp contrast to what the eastern ethic is.

        Both sides have their own pros and cons.

      2. Actually if you look into the history of the Japanese stereotype of “Working to death”.. it was caused by the Americans/Brits, along with the Panty Fetishes, tentacle porn, and Godzilla stereotypes. google “6 WTF Japanese trends you can blame on white guys” for an interesting read.

    3. Western society won’t stop at nothing until it pressures Japan to abandon their own culture and adopt western culture in order to “normalize” the country. This isn’t limited to just sexualized fictional minors though, but also whale hunting, death by overworking, and decreasing population.

      1. There practical reasons to try and attend the problems you listed. Some health concerns surrounding whale meat, work ethic is brutal and making an actual negative impact on workers’ lives, and decreasing population speaks for itself. But, ultimately, that isn’t our problem to fix, and making Japan outright abandon its culture certainly wouldn’t be the answer.
        As for depictions via media, that’s less of just a Japanese culture issue, and more of a freedom of expression issue. The people trying to push the total suppression of expression may be based in the West, but to say it’s Western society is disingenuous. The nutjobs trying to push such an agenda are those who are completely out of touch with reality and the world around them, and absent of empathy and moral standards while deluding themselves as being moral paragons.

        1. Decreasing population is more due to issues with men and women not wanting to hook up for various reasons like career or personal freedom. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

    4. The people who keep making real life/fiction comparisons are people who are out of touch with reality. Which says more about them than me, a guy who spends most of his free time playing video games and watching anime.

      Maybe it’s because they live cushy lives in their positions within the media and the celebrity elite. Maybe they’ve been coddled everyone they’ve ever known. Maybe they’re just psychos who’ve finally broke the last strand of self-control. When it comes down to it, these are not average Joes who don’t have time to give a shit about the “moral implications” of what their hobbies depict, but moral busybodies with too much time and not enough brain cells.

  3. mmmmm politically correct cancer wants to censor even more, now that they have done bullshitting western entertainment medium.

    Would be a bright day when these social-justice hungry freaks die.

    1. its not politically correct its the BBC trying to push the medium into a corner so they can get more control over the entertainment media (AKA they’re money whores)

      1. C’mon fam. The BBC is politically correct as all get out. I wouldn’t doubt that one reason for the BBC to target GuP is that Erwin and Yukari idolize German generals, and when Black Forest’s panzers open fire at the end of episode 11 the Waffen SS “Erika” march begins to play. Things like that trigger normies and SJW wankers.

  4. The jewish-owned BBC wants to destroy media that is pro-femininity. Big surprise there!

    1. 1: wait where did Jewish come from? I’m pretty sure BBC isn’t owned by Jews, but if they are why would Jews, go after a random Japanese manga?

      2: this is more like western/feminism trying to push their view to other people that don’t really need it. Also accusing certain things they don’t know about, as pedophilic.

    2. I know you’ve got viewpoints, but you should probably leave them at the doorstep. Voicing them in a reasonable place like this only pushes people in the other direction. Unless you’re a plant, working for the Illuminati, who want to throw suspicion off themselves.

  5. The UK is filled with muslim pedophiles. I’d be really interested in the real rates of molestation arrests in both countries. Something tells me the homogenous Japan vs. the cultural marxist UK and western countries in general would be quite stark.

  6. Don’t agree with any of em. “Why don’t you follow japan, we have a low crime rate!”

    You also have a stupidly high suicide rate. So we’ll pass thanks.

      1. But when you’re usually found in the top 25 out of almost 200 you can usually call it a fucking problem though.

        And I never said they were the highest or the worst, they just have a problem with it. Claiming to be more civilized while justifying fan service of underage girls is a pathetic position to argue from.

        But apparently according to the comments i’m the bloody crazy one!

  7. >Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?
    >Why don’t you British people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have lower crime rate than the UK?


    But seriously, why on Earth would Japan want to follow a country that…

    1. Jails people for victimless drawings
    2. Jails people for failing to disclose a password
    3. Permits the law to operate retroactively
    4. Allows the use of secret trials
    5. Allows judges to waive juries from trials (no, I’m not referring to magistrates trials)
    …I could go on.

    Certain people in the UK only care about children when they can use them as a soapbox to push their own narrative, or to boost their artificially existing social status.

    1. I also love how she avoids the fact that pedophilia is so bad in the UK, the police aren’t even chasing the culprits.. because they would run out of jail space.

      1. True, and I doubt many, or any, of
        the Rotherham grooming gang were inspired by Girls und Panzer!

    2. Japan’s legal system is already like that in many regards, minus the sex stuff. It’s pretty appalling honestly- they bar lawyers from interrogations, they don’t have any sort of jury system to begin with as all crimes are tried by government-appointed judges with a 99%+ conviction rate as a result, they can detain you for almost a month without filing charges, etc

      1. Yeah.

        I’ve heard bad things about the justice system in Japan.

        I guess it doesn’t really matter what country you go to, though. They’re all corrupt to the fucking core.

        1. Pretty much, the thing about power structures are that those who desire power never want to give it up and it they’ll always desire more because it makes their job easier. Even the nations with court systems which were originally designed around a presumption of innocence until guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt, with strong defendant protections to make sure it wasn’t too easy for the state to prove their case, are doing their best to slowly move towards something akin to Japan’s legal system. Over here in the US both major political parties are guilty of it, even though one sides supposed small-government stance should set them against giving the government any more legal powers while the other sides supposed progressive populist beliefs should ensure that citizens always have a voice and fair representation but welp everyone has been stacking the deck in the favor of the house as hard and fast as they can for decades now 🙁

  8. “more civilized” sells panties in vending machines.

    gg wp japan.

  9. Also…

    >Ms Susie(sic) stated this. “All human beings are naturally innocent and have no “dirty desires” and reading media…media depicting erotic, pedophilic, and gore contents will affect them to be corrupted”.

    What the fuck is she on?

      1. Sounds conservative to me. Also remembering the fact that it’s a government owned TV with a conservative government…

          1. Even if. Liberals aren’t leftist, they are center. Unless BBC leans hard towards the labour party or general socialism.

          2. Regardless, saying that “it is typical leftism” is bullshit
            Real Liberals don’t actually believe in censoring but in actual liberalisation of things. Those who believe in control are actually authoritarianist.
            No SJW is a real Liberal.

          3. I’m glad to see that people here are actually intelligent about the politics behind this. I am seriously sick of people trying to use blatantly absurd BS done by SJW’s to justify a right-wing agenda. Not all liberals or leftists are the same, and political lines often overlap in modern democracies. Case in point (as pointed out earlier by Onaj Tamo) is that censorship of sexual content pretty much was a conservative agenda for a much much longer time than the relatively recent version that sex-averse feminists spew mindlessly. And yet those pushing for this new wave of conservatism want to conveniently ignore that the issue of sex censorship was on their side of the fence for almost the entire modern history of conservatism?

      2. Being a SJW or person obsessed with Political correctness isnt even “left” – it’s just another form of facism and dictatorship, but with a different face. The use of fake statistics, setup scenarios of “alleged” abuse, out-of-control censorship and scapegoating is just another form of Totalitarianism/Authoritarian which is completely against what any real liberal would stand for (actual fucking equality, civil rights and shared freedoms).

      3. Funny. Where I’m from it’s conservatives who want to strictly regulate what goes on in people’s bedrooms.

        1. Hmmm, I’m not sure where you’re from, but here in the States it’s the “antifa” and other leftists that want to control all forms of speech, thought, and expression. Most alleged “conservatives” are more like libertarians and don’t give a shit what people do, as long as it isn’t forced on us. Leftist are a cancer.

  10. Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?
    >Why don’t you British people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have lower crime rate than the UK?

    Legendary comment my friend.
    I hate Dooley, i have heard a lot about her in Japan atm and it infuriates me, as someone from the UK who reads about these child sex rings and bust ups about all these sick groups raping and sharing girls in such ways happening on our streets but we are brushing it away trying to bully other countries and their cultures just makes me ill. Look, fact is he is correct, we have fairly high crime numbers as opposed to Japan, maybe this idiot should focus on that, though i did see one how they said Yuyushiki was porn so who knows, it is all for ratings i guess. I would love to show these shows to the audience she appeals to and let me see what she is really slandering, they would see most shows are just normal tv (just animated). Besides, hardly a documentary when not only is it full of lies but her interviews don’t hear a second opinion, they just bully her victims, god, i like to think us as the UK get along with Japan (as countries) and liked the feeling they generally liked us as people (not countries) but i find it hard to imagine anyone can like us with this loose cannon roaming free, lock her up!

  11. Irony is that compared to for example, Steven Universe. Even Strike Witches is far more innocent and wholesome excepting the lewd scenes and designs.

  12. I’m quite curious as to what her reaction to Kodomo no Jikan would be. Or would that fine to her ’cause it was created an illustrated by a woman?

  13. SJW will demand de pope to apologies for the Holocoust. In other words SJW can go to Antartica and try to make snow pay for the cold tempatures and fuck them selfs.

  14. Remember, this is the same BBC that played a part in allowing cases like Jimmy Saville and Rotherham to happen. So I think they’re unqualified to talk about fucking pedophilia.

    1. True. They’re just trying to deflect from the massive child rape scandal in the UK.

  15. I think the Dooley questions is try to enable the UK propaganda.As Nogami roasted here there would be speculations that Japan hate UK and else crappy shits.The truth is that UK wants more and more.Why to colonizate other countries with their culture? They know very well that Japanese culture is most advanced in the world.It doesn’t depends on grammatical level.Japan people are organized.Only thing that I can say by now is that Japan can beat UK by culture level.And again saying these questions are just propaganda!

  16. British woman says that fictional characters aren’t old enough to make decisions themselves. Same woman likely supports policies like allowing children to transition and take hormone pills and also mutilate their bodies. Same woman likely supports allowing unchecked criminality in her own country while there is no comparison to Japan.

    Western culture is a vile culture of destruction and the Japanese should never have to bow their heads to it or the mental illness that is passed as normalcy within it.

    1. If she wants to fight agaisnt children being sexually exploited, then she should focus ON HER WON DAMN COUNTRY! A British Person has NO RIGHT to go to Japan and tell them how to do things! The NHK should be semnding reporters to mock and scold and demand that the British people change their culture and actions BECAUSE THEY HAVE A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT MORE PROBLEMS IN THEIR FILTHY HELLHOLE OF A COUNTRY!!

      And this is a daily reminder that the greatest thing that the good lord ever did for the world was send us George Washington and all those crazed yankees, if some filthy whores from the BBC came to MY country and tried to tell US what to do, the appropriate response would be a volley of musket fire.

  17. Jesus Christ. First CNN said this last few years and now This? WOW, No wonder we were used to be beaten up by anime haters due to this.

  18. I had no fucking idea this cunt was that delusional. I had no idea that the BBC had reporters like this. Holy fuck. Leave this guy and that country alone.

    Since when did the UK get like this? What the fuck.

    1. I’ll bet it’s somehow related to Trump. Like, things are coming unglued in the U.S., let’s regroup and do what we always do… How about another hit piece on Rapelay?

  19. ”Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?”

    Now. just who the fuck do you think you are? Ugh.

    1. I think the main issue is when you question back, “What does the UK do?”, as she can’t say “we’re civilised” since they suffer from more problems than Japan and their country is deteriorating as they become more and more left winged.

        1. More accepting to left wing beliefs. More specifically, how accepting they are towards immigrants, and more accurately, middle easterners.

  20. Western likes violence. Jp likes sexual. Western says Jp is worse than them.
    And this woman Dooley is just another chapter of stupidity.

    1. Yes, Japan’s fan service is panties. America’s is a car blowing up. British is…drinking tea? Making empires? It’s not good, whatever it is.

  21. is everyone not getting this through their heads it’s not fucking real it’s just a figment of the artists imagination it’s all in their heads nothing more than a fantasy that will never come true

  22. Fiction…is…fiction. I’m pretty sure that Twilight is also about a paedophile too, the only reasoning behind why people do not point that out is because 1) it’s popular and 2) the media says they’re both of age.
    It’s always nice to see people roast the media back, since she was asking for it.
    Also, Dooley, I hope you realise that the UK has a higher number of recorded paedophiles than Japan has ever had, right? Most of them are actually your most respected individuals too…well that, and your vast number of refugees that you took in that actually revealed themselves to be promoters of the Islamic faith, which oh boy, their prophet married 9 year old girls.

    There’s an immense difference between fiction and the real world. While I can understand that some fiction is disturbing, it’s not actually inciting anything. So, why doesn’t she just retreat back to her country and fix her own country’s problems? I’m sure we’d all like to hear about the women raped in Greenwich hehe xd.

  23. She didn’t downright care about cultural diversity and was trying to impose her ideal culture upon him
    How did BBC manage to hire such people

  24. A government who wants ban the world “mother” in favor to imbecile people, do not have even a little bit of moral to talk about any anime, even hentai have more moral than current British government, “Political Correctness” the ideology to hide the problems and use a mask.

  25. Everyone here is going on about this ‘Dooley’ person’s opinion while I’m just sitting here, remembering how full of shit GuP was. She’s right on one thing though, this trash should be banned.


  26. BBC cant comment on other things like video games having more nutcased women in it huh.

  27. To quote a friend on this:
    ‘If that’s their issue perhaps they shouldn’t air family guy, American dad, the Simpson’s, south park or literally any of the tv they make for ‘adults’ oh maybe cancel all Disney as well I mean Jasmine’s sexualized and just the right age for Jimmy Savile. Or how about Ariel? Surely cause she’s a fish that doesn’t make age or species come into question? Ohh classic Disney stories of unconsentual kissing and murder and animal loving. Where do I stop on western cartoons? Lol’

  28. Why the fck are Westeners keeps on meddling on other countries cultures? What the fck is wrong with you guys? you have your own problems there why not try to solve it first before you fck with other people’s shit?

    1. And ironically, we have SJWS in western society trying to preach the west to not try to change other people’s cultures, even if what they’re doing is wrong in our culture, or else it’s considered discrimination.

  29. this kind of discussion was even said in malaysia media and government where they blamed it on the anime and manga for expliciting of hentai and ecchi anime and trying to ban it and confiscating item that are ecchi figurine and such but then again the rate of crime , rape and bandits that happen and also corruption that happen , almost 98% of it is not even related with anime and manga as such but from people who are ignorant and dislike thing about such and they even calling it kids story that dislike so, the question is , why do you never blame it onto your own society and media that shown movie about illegal racing , street fighting and story about all those useless pathetic society that corrupt the country to begin with but instead you blame onto material such as this ? easy reason because its not Malaysian well i call them MALAYSIAL

  30. If Dooley actually watched Girls und Panzer, then the sole reason for demanding of a ban on the series is the physical abuse (bruises), in which case there should be a stronger reason for Dooley and other SJW to demand a ban on literature including Harry Potter, Hunger Games, all sports/war-based literature.

    But because her topic was sexualizing children, then it was obvious Dooley NEVER even watched the series and just generalized all anime as one pedophiliac media in general.

  31. This Dooley person is ignorant, asking other country to behave like the UK, yet she research about Japan culture? She claims shes interviewing yet i cant help to think is rather a blind bold statement. Western country should solve theirs instead of solving something other country doesnt have high crime rate… Why not ban porn? they have red light district, A DISTRICT!! yet porn still alive isnt it? I guess shes too comfortable in her lifestyle end up looking for someone to blame

  32. No matter what argument against her view she will just dismiss it and come out for the conversation as closed minded as she went in.

  33. I’ve been looking everywhere for the documentary and it said only available in the UK , THANK YOU FOR POSTTING IT, finally found a watchable version

  34. So solve your fucking problems first before asking why Japan creates this kind of content

    Seriously, i think that it an issue we all have been encountering since like ages ago.

    Let’s take for example, a game from Japan. Phantasy Star Online 2. That game have a lot of things that could sexualise children, but we see no pedophiles on our streets (well we do, except those fags have no self-control in their mind). I also agree that that is a thing that vent of stress and stuff. But that is what a game or anime or whatever shows does. Do not lump those together and proclaim that it constitutes to crime rate/rape/pedophiles. It is the fact that they lack something called self-control that leads to this kind of issues at hand. Not due to shows/anime/games etc

      1. I think some1 as salty as that bitch never understands.

        I like to draw female a lot (am a guy in real life) but i do not go arounf ogling and doing stupid crimes like outrage of modesty

        It is due to self control and common sense of doing the right thing. But i think a pretentious fucker like that bitch do not understand

        1. Well, as someone who lives in the UK – where lolicon has been illegal for almost eight years (next month) now – I do actually look at, collect and masturbate to this stuff, as I stand by “If a law is unjust it deserves to be broken.”

          I love loli because they’re incredibly adorable, and are usually represented as far more mature than they actually are. (E.g. The girls from Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Tomoyo and Sakura-san from CCS, etc.); and I find children to be disgusting, loud and incredibly obnoxious.

          Now, in those eight years I’ve never once gone “(Hey, you know what I feel like looking for?)”

          So if Stacey’s viewpoint (and a lot of other narrowminded people) is that looking at this stuff is going to cause me to move onto collecting child pornography or molesting children… why haven’t I? After all, I’ve had eight long years to do so.

          The British came to a big fork in the road where reality took a left and they hung a sharp right, and have completely forgotten why child pornography is illegal to begin with.

          There is no victim in a drawing. And trying to pretend that a drawing is the same thing as a child completely trivializes the entire thing.

          1. >If I work one out to pretend child pornography it’s fine

            Ohhhh dear. Ohhhh dear he said it.

          2. Yeah! Let’s punish people for something completely victimless because the idea of it makes you uncomfortable.


            it’s all downhill from here. He’s still trying to justify pedophilia.

          4. “if i attempt to drag it into a long drawn out argument it’ll justify the fact i wank off to drawn piccture of children”

            I don’t need a well thought out objection, you yourself are fully admitting to something disgusting, degenerate and lowly.

            Simply trying to justify is you getting desperate.

          5. What’s it like not being able to understand you still find drawn pictures of children erotic?

            You even claim that I said you were “Bragging” when I mentioned multiple times you can’t since people would hate your fucking guts. Hence the “He has to keep it a secret”

            Then in a desperate attempt keep trying to bring the law into as opposed to the morality of it. Because you know it’s wrong, so you try to stick to the legality of the matter.

            Honestly i’m not going to waste my time with someone who’s a pedophile. You can poorly attempt to justify it, but you’re a pedophile and that’s really just the fact of the matter.

          6. >You even claim that I said you were “Bragging” when I mentioned multiple times you can’t since people would hate your fucking guts. Hence the “He has to keep it a secret”

            When did I brag?

            And the reason I don’t tell people is because it’s nobody’s fucking business what I like or what I get myself off to. Keep trying to pretend that it is, though.

            Hell, I could feign interest and ask you what you’re into, but my subtext’ll be “I don’t really care.”

            >Then in a desperate attempt keep trying to bring the law into as opposed to the morality of it. Because you know it’s wrong, so you try to stick to the legality of the matter.


            >Honestly i’m not going to waste my time with someone who’s a pedophile.

            Really? The last two or so hours say otherwise.

            >You can poorly attempt to justify it, but you’re a pedophile and that’s really just the fact of the matter.

            So basically you just hate the fact that someone exists with an attraction that you don’t like or that you can’t abolish.

            That makes you petty and ignorant. If you get triggered by what fictional stuff people get themselves off to, then you’re the one with problems.

          7. >I’m petty and ignorant because I think it’s wrong to jack off to pictures of children.

            You are just the picture of damaged mental health aren’t you.

          8. I’ve just noticed your name/profile change. Which means I’m arguing with a troll.

            Time to do something else instead.

          9. >Because I changed my name to my usually used username i’m a troll.

            Paranoia and degeneracy. Again, your mental health must be shattered.

            funnily enough though I have read that pedophilia has a common link between low self esteem.

            Explains both the “You’re clearly some guy who boasts about sexual conquest” and the strange assumption i’m a troll. Due to a username change.

            Where did he touch you? Point it out on the doll.

          10. “So weak”

            Tries to be articulate in his arguments. makes wild assumptions because the other person doesn’t agree with them.

            Faggotry at it’s finest, and from a pedo no less. disgusting.

          11. Are you capable of not jerking off to pictures of drawn children? or is this the best you can do?

          12. ……Are you still honestly trying to justify being a complete degenerate? you do realize you called it a victimless “CRIME” right. You do realize you can’t discuss this beyond the space of the internet for fear of being a social pariah?

            And it’s because people find you to be a disgusting base creature with a desire to work it off to pictures of drawn children.

            Like how about you fucking get a grip of yourself.

          13. What part of “Your still jerking it to the conceptual idea of children” are you not understanding?

            Fake or not, you are still finding sexual pleasure in the content of nude children.

            Disgusting. Utterly base and pathetic.

          14. Oh how people find pleasure in killing people in video games?

            Or some other act like carjacking, assault, etc.

            But I don’t expect someone who can’t differentiate between fiction and reality to understand that.

          15. It’s less to do with the act itself and more to do with the challenge of combat.

            GTA is an understandable argument as it’s literally attacking innocent people, but you have pretty much nothing to gain from it but a punishment *you will be attacked by the cops and or the army if it gets too much* and the latest installment is based off of a crazy hyper-sexualised overly violent parody of our world.

            Most games don’t justify it, and it’s completely different because the act of killing can happen for various reasons, for example a game of conquering evil, or a game that represents how morality is one big grey area during times of war. but actual pedophilia could be morphed into a victimless crime as their identities could be hidden, and as they weren’t harmed it’s then justifiable by your standards.

            Stop trying to justify the fact you like children sexually. it’s just grim.

          16. But why? The fact you’re getting triggered by someone who masturbates to something that isn’t real simply because it makes you feel icky is amusing to me.

          17. >he still doesn’t understand he argues this under the guise of a different name because he knows people would hate his guts

            >he will have to keep this a secret for the rest of his life

            >he is a freak.

            Yeah I find it amusing you’re trying to justify pedophilia.

          18. Well unlike you at least I know that having a sexual attraction isn’t a crime in and of itself. And unlike you at least I know why abusing children is.

            As for “keeping it a secret.”

            I’m quite comfortable with who I am (I hope that triggers you even more) and have no real need to tell people what I’m into.

            That said, I can’t help wonder what your viewpoint is on couples who’re into pedophilic roleplay or fantasy.

          19. >he doesn’t understand that the arguments about being a good decent human being and not if it’s legal or not.

            “I’m comfortable with who I am but I have no real need to tell people what i’m into”

            Translation “If I told anyone i’d be fucking despised”

          20. Oh, and when did you become the arbitor of what qualifies a decent human being?

            That said, I’m guessing you’re one of those intellectually limited people who brags about his sexual conquests with his coworkers, huh?

          21. >he assumes I’m some wannabe alpha male because I think jerking off to drawings of kids is wrong.



            The ride never ends

  35. These arguments are funny (tho they have been told before) it’s hilarious how they try to correlate real pedophilia to anime. It’s like playing video games equals more violence in reality drivel they tried to push before. I will bet if they even studied this like they did the video games one that the study would show the same thing the video game one did, that it does not equal more real life consequences. I mean I like almost all anime girls but I don’t find children attractive so it’s not like just because you like one thing you have to like the other.

  36. So it’s one thing to be bothered when someone else is preaching against your hobbies, but it also shouldn’t blind yourself from some kind of introspection. There seems to be a basic lack of understanding of what the opposition is coming from. She’s pretty heavy handed here, but seriously? Not entirely blameless.

  37. Stop the priests you fucking idiot reporter. Has anyone asked if any of those priests have seen Girls und Panzer?

  38. Stacey Dooley is a fucking retard. “I don’t like it, so it should be banned”. She honestly doesn’t know what the fuck shes on about.

  39. What was she going off on a designer for? Sure it has cute characters, but GnP is created to be a comedy – a joke (perhaps with the odd Aesop thrown in). Little girls driving huge tanks and blowing each other up without anyone actually being hurt. It’s completely absurd. That’s one of the reasons it’s so popular. Also the characters are designed from the ground up to be funny and loveable. Probably the reason this was left out was because the Beeb knew they couldn’t really criticise something so well-made.

  40. So, what part of “Please do not sexualise the Garupans” did that lady fail to understand?

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