Fall/Autumn 2019 Anime Chart [LiveChart]

The exciting and colourful spring season has drawn to a close. With the flowers and leaves starting to fade away, the Fall 2019 anime season is just about to start. To keep you up to date, the latest Fall 2019 Anime Chart from live chart website LiveChart has everything the autumn block will offer. Do note that information and images are still subject to change.

Some key anime to watch out for:

  • Boku no Hero Academia season 4 – the absolute madman returns in his fourth outing
  • Kabukichou Sherlock – an original mystery anime from the director of OreGairu
  • Psycho-Pass season 3 – the Sci-Fi thriller is back
  • No Guns Life – the MC has a literal gun as his head. Also Madhouse


Source Image - LiveChart