Megami-Ryou no Ryoubo-kun TV Anime Visual & Promotional Video Revealed

The official website of the TV anime adaptation of Ikumi Hino’s Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun (Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory) has released a brand new visual and promotional video for the upcoming series.


Here is the anime’s first promotional video, which introduces the main characters and previews the Opening theme song, Naughty Love performed by the anime’s main cast:

The main cast of the anime includes:



  • Ayaka Nanase (Yoshino Koharu in Sakura Quest) as Atena Saotome



  • Chiaki Takahashi (Azusa Miura in The iDOLM@STER) voices the role of Mineru Wachi



  • Risako Murai (Rikei Hiromatsu from Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu) as Kiriya Senshou







  • Hikaru Nanjou (Paglia Respighi in Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART!) as Sutea Kouroya


The leading members of the production staff consist of:

  • Director: Shunsuke Nakashige (Sword Art Online: Alicization and Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode Director)
  • Series Composer: Masashi Suzuki (Rail Wars!Oda Nobuna no Yabou)
  • Anime Character Designer: Maiko Okada (Mirai Nikki and Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. Chief Animation Director)
  • Animation Studio: Asread (Arifureta, Mirai Nikki)

Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun (Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory) is an ecchi comedy manga written and illustrated by Ikumi Hino. The series began in late 2017 under Kadokawa’s Monthly Shounen Ace magazine. A total of 6 compiled volumes have been published.

Here is the MAL Synopsis:

Nagumi Koushi is a 12-year-old boy who was abandoned by his father after their house caught on fire, leaving him to roam the streets penniless. Then one day, a girl named Minerva who finds him lying on the sidewalk, takes him to a women’s college dormitory, one known for housing troublesome residents, and asks him to be their “Dormitory Mother.” Surrounded by older women, forced to deal with their idiosyncrasies, Koushi starts his new (somewhat ecchi) life!

The TV anime adaptation of Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun is currently in production.

Visit the anime’s website here:
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