Vinland Saga Season 2 Announced

The official website of the TV anime adaptation of Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga manga has announced that a second season is in production. The first key visual and promotional video was revealed for season 2.


Here is the announcement promotional video for Vinland Saga Season 2:

The video has also announced that director Shuuhei Yabuta (Inuyashiki Last Hero) will return to direct the second season. Anime character designer Takahiko Abiru (Vinland Saga) will also return to produce the designs.

The main cast of the first season includes:

  • Yuuto Uemura (Hiro in DARLING in the FRANKXX) voices Thorfinn



  • Shizuka Ishigami (Ellis Fahrengart in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance) as Young Thorfinn





  • Naoya Uchida (Nobunaga Oda from Drifters) voices the role of Askeladd



  • Kensho Ono (Slaine Troyard from Aldnoah.Zero) as Canute






Vinland Saga is a historical action drama manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The series began in early 2005 under Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, before being moved over to Monthly Afternoon magazine later that year. To date, a total of 24 volumes have been published, with the 25th volume to be released in Japan on July 21. The series has been a hit in Japan, with over 5 million copies in circulation. The series has won the Grand Prize in the manga division of the 2009 Japan Media Arts awards, and the 2012 Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga. The series received a TV anime adaptation in Summer 2019 that ran for 24 episodes. The anime was directed by Shuuhei Yabuta (Inuyashiki Last Hero) and produced by Wit Studio (Attack on TitanOwari no Seraph).

Here is the MAL synopsis:

Young Thorfinn grew up listening to the stories of old sailors that had traveled the ocean and reached the place of legend, Vinland. It’s said to be warm and fertile, a place where there would be no need for fighting—not at all like the frozen village in Iceland where he was born, and certainly not like his current life as a mercenary. War is his home now. Though his father once told him, “You have no enemies, nobody does. There is nobody who it’s okay to hurt,” as he grew, Thorfinn knew that nothing was further from the truth.

The war between England and the Danes grows worse with each passing year. Death has become commonplace, and the viking mercenaries are loving every moment of it. Allying with either side will cause a massive swing in the balance of power, and the vikings are happy to make names for themselves and take any spoils they earn along the way. Among the chaos, Thorfinn must take his revenge and kill Askeladd, the man who murdered his father. The only paradise for the vikings, it seems, is the era of war and death that rages on.

A second season of the Vinland Saga anime has been announced and is in production.

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