Otaku Tale Hatsune Miku Wallpaper

There are over 13,000 anime wallpapers all of which would be over 1024×768 with some even at 4000×2500. And then I have an additional 3,000+ other anime images, which are not wallpapers and are more general images, gifs and official scans. In total, there is about 16gb worth of anime images that I have uploaded, and it isn’t all I have. Most of the anime wallpapers I have gotten are from dumps and bundles, and there will be duplicates even though I have used a software to sort that out.

Anyways, I have decided to be a good person and upload my images to various file sharing and image hosting sites, namely Mega, Mediafire, Minus, Imgur and Torrent. So without further-ado, here are the links:

Download Links

  • Mediafire: All parts are split up into ~200mb parts so there are quite a number of things to download. The parts are all separate so you don’t need any software to join them up. You need a Mediafire account in order to view and download the files.

Medifire Link

  • Mega: All links are split up into 1000 images, unless we run out of images.

Mega Link

  • Minus: There are two different profiles; one has all the anime wallpapers and the other have all the other anime images since I would hit the 10gb upload limit.  The images are all separated into 300 images per album (the limit) and if you want to download all the images quickly, use DownloadThemAll! on Firefox.

Anime Wallpapers (13,000+)

Other Anime Images (3,000+)

  • Imgur: My Imgur folder is the least up to date. Each album is at 125 images since Imgur has issues with large amounts of images. Imgur will be the slowest service to be updated due to the upload issues so bare with me.

Imgur Link

  • Torrent: If you want to download everything nice and easy, use this torrent link.

Torrent Page