Here are our links to Otaku Tale’s anime and video game reviews.


Anime Series Reviews

Reviews on the entirety of an anime series; all the episodes and possibly the OVAs. Anime movies may also be reviewed and included in this category. There is no scoring system, but a descriptive “Should I Watch This?” system which determines whether you should watch a particular anime or not.


Episodic Anime Reviews

Episodes of various currently airing anime are reviewed, though it has stopped for the meantime and is overdue. There is no scoring system but rather blunt opinions on the events that transpired throughout the episode.


Video Game Reviews

Reviews of Video Games from Otaku Tale and Gaming Tale, both owned by me.  The reviews are scored out of 100; there are two scores that reflect the singleplayer and multiplayer aspect, followed by an overall score which may or may not be the average. These reviews follow a traditional route of reviewing and criticing.