No Game No Life Season 2 Author Yuu Kamiya Caught Tracing Other People’s Work

In the art and entertainment industry copying other people’s work without their permission is generally frowned upon and can lead to disastrous effects if caught. Recently, a Twitter account has been created that claims that the creator and artist of the No Game No Life light novels, Yuu Kamiya, has been tracing over other people’s works from Pixiv and other various sites for his illustrations for No Game No Life.


The Twitter user, rotiflride, has compiled many comparison images of various No Game No Life illustrations that Yuu Kamiya has produced alongside the supposed original image where Kamiya has allegedly traced over. Many of the illustrations cited do share similarities, though only with the same poses. Kamiya himself could have used these images as a reference, rather than deliberate tracing. Even then, many artists do trace/reference other arts, but the distinction is that Kamiya is using it for commercial value for the No Game No Life series.

Here is one such example of a comparison, which is one of the more similar comparisons of the bunch. Kamiya’s illustration is on the bottom in the first image.

This also isn’t the first time a Japanese artist has been called out for tracing other artists’ works. Sou Miyata, the anime character designer for the anime adaptation of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, was fired from his position after fans claimed that the promotional magazine scans for the anime share extreme similarities of the characters’ poses with other anime characters.

Here is another illustration comparison, with Kamiya’s work being on the right.

Many of these claims and comparisons showcase similar poses between the two illustrations, though even then many of these poses are seen as generic. Even so, many of these images share significant similarities, and whether Kamiya has either traced these images or used them as references, has yet to be confirmed. Of course the possibility of the images being a coincidence is also likely.

Here are some more comparisons images:
























No Game No Life is a light novel series written and illustrated by Yuu Kamiya. The series began in 2012 in Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint and to date a total of 6 volumes have been released. The series received a manga adaptation last year from Kamiya and Mashiro Hiiragi, where it is currently running in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine. An anime adaptation of the series was produced earlier this year. It was animated by Madhouse (Death Note, Hunter x Hunter) and directed by  Atsuko Ishizuka (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo).

Here is a synopsis of the series:

The story of No Game, No Life centers around Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister whose reputations as brilliant NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers have spawned urban legends all over the Internet. These two gamers even consider the real world as just another “crappy game.” One day, they are summoned by a boy named “God” to an alternate world. There, God has prohibited war and declared this to be a world where “everything is decided by games”—even national borders. Humanity has been driven back into one remaining city by the other races. Will Sora and Shiro, the good-for-nothing brother and sister, become the “Saviors of Humanity” on this alternate world? “Well, let’s start playing.”


There has been no official response from Yuu Kamiya or Media Factory, the publisher of the No Game No Life light novels. Whether if Kamiya did trace other people’s work, use them as references or pure coincidences, has yet to be seen. All we can do at the moment is speculate.

So what do you think about these comparisons? Did Kamiya really trace over other images? Does it matter? And what impact do you think it may have on the series’ future? Let us know below.

You can visit the anime’s official website here:
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Source Article and Images – Seventh Style
Source Images – @rotiflride
Source Article – Reddit Anime
“No Game No Life”, images and all associated brands © 2014 Yuu Kamiya, Media Factory, Madhouse, No Game No Life Production Committee, and the artists’ respective owners

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119 responses to “No Game No Life Season 2 Author Yuu Kamiya Caught Tracing Other People’s Work

  1. When I thought I was finished with Anime, This series and Attack on Titan pulled me back.
    I hope Kamiya is innocent in all of this and finally whoever is working on its Anime gets right on making Season2.
    Unbelievable how the only 2 shows I liked are having so late Season 2.

  2. Trace means something that exist that is copy already so Yuu is not tracing he is using it as a refernce so not tracing others’ people art so Yuu is safe

    1. No he traced what was the original – meaning he copied it… that is copying pure and simple.

      As much as i like NGNL, i hope he at least apologises / gets reprimanded for this

      1. above me is stupid people that dont know the meaning of tracing and referencing. just stfu ok ?
        dont give any stupid comment again in this site

    2. oh my god if you don’t know the difference between tracing and referencing, please, shut the fuck up. Go educate yourself on the subject before spreading misconceptions.

  3. *YAWN* after careful deliberation, i find no firm evidence of tracing, in fact, many of the so called tracings are mainstream poses of anime characters.

      1. I know that is the most ridiculous shit ever. I better not walk for fear of plagiarising other humans that have walked before me. Where is this idiotic logic coming from.

        1. Give that man a cookie…
          in a shape that haven’t yet existed with a dough proportions than has never been used bc copyright

          1. I’m pretty sure this joke was definitely made by another commenter on some site ever… CAUGHT

      1. I am now reporting you for using the same phrasing I was intending to use as my reaction to this post >..<

    1. Each point align body size wise, just because the artist was smart enough to cover it up with other details doesn’t mean it wasn’t traced *shrugs* Plus there are plentiful of tracers out there doing collages out of different artworks, it’s a form of plagiarism and it is tracing, just because somebody is too blind to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there ^^

    2. You find me a third image with the exact same pose as this one above. This guy obviously traced it.

        1. Your claim was that he didn’t trace it when he did. A large portion of the skeletons were traced, so you admitted it. Well, if you can’t see the contention of tracing(taking a portion) of other people’s art and claiming that it’s yours, I don’t know what to say to you.

          1. Dude who tf cares if he traced those pics :/ he just copied the poses it’s not like they owned those poses and most of them are from mainstream anime’s…. :/ Man he use them well asf… Which made an anime anime/light novel worth all of people’s time….

          2. Get another artist to draw actual skeletons for you then because that’s considered plagiarism when a large aspect of the art is being stolen from another artist. They are literally being lined together.

          3. His characters are different enought so I don’t think this can be claimed as tracing. If you draw something be sure that most likely somewhere someone has drawn if not the same than similar thing. He may have used them for refference but this is not plagiarism.

          4. The pose is a large part of the drawing, to rip it off from another artist by literally tracing, did you not read the article? To simply say “pose” is understating it, the poses was a major element of the art, the finger gestures, the position of every single body part is the same, they were traced, it is plain plagiarism.

            It doesn’t matter if the character is different, the concept of the poses remains stolen and it’s not like a vaguely the same, it can literally be lined together.

          5. +Trolls Bane
            That line of logic doesn’t work on reality… Lol

            Or are you saying, for example, the [Peace sign selfie pose] can’t be used again in any medium because it’s not original?.. That’s just utter bullshit. And that’s not how illustrating a form into an art works….

          6. See the link. Peace sign can be posed differently, but when it’s the exact same as another artist’s pose, it’s blatant plagiarism. He literally prove it by lining them up exactly and the poses are the exact fucking same, you are confusing between concept and what is literally being shown above which is literal tracing.

          7. If you changed the position of the arm or of the fingers by a millimeter then would you also count that as plagiarism? Plus isn’t that term plagiarism supposed to be that you copied word by word to picture by picture and not just pose by pose? Yes a drawing and a pose is made but can you say the same if the “commonly known” tsundere pose was shown? Almost all tsundere does the exact pose so would you call them plagiarism as well? If so where is the TM.

          8. Yes. See the goddamn link. If the pose concept is remarkably similar. It is plagiarism because anyone with working eyes can look at this and see that this is traced and not drawn according to what the author has on his mind. Show me a tsundere pose that is so-called similar and I will point out which part that isn’t because their similarity ends only at the conceptual point, the physical point in which it is executed remains miles apart.

          9. I already see your point on plagiarism why would I respond to this post if I didn’t know the definition of plagiarism… And secondly isn’t a tsundere post widely common? The “look away with a blush” avoidance pose, don’t tell me they call that plagiarism… If that was the case then hentai would be plagiarism central. Furthermore this is only a mutual discussion semi harsh comments is a little too much effort don’t you think? If you would like a response then how about… you mad bro?

          10. Look away pose if traced, line by line, with an exact moment and position as the next one. That is plagiarism. Concept vs Exact Similar Imagery, I am not even harsh, the similarity of what’s shown above is far from anything else you can find. You find your looking away with a blush, then compare it to the next one and see how similar it is with the literal trace shown above.

    3. On one hand, yes, these are all super mainstream poses. On the other, he’s done it several times. It is a mystery!

      1. well considering one of the strong tropes of ngnl is that it parodies otaku tastes. i guess art style from other anime is be expected to be there. but that is just my opinion.

    4. hell, i like doing my own music and there might be some traces of other music that ive heard in my life. shit, i think every good piece of music was done before year the 1900. but its just childish to attack people like this because they “stole your work”, and i think every self respecting artist would agree that this kind of plagiarism is nothing more than a series of random “happenstances” and admiration.

  4. yuu is not tracing, it just happended to be the same.His works are amazing, i think this is jealousy

    1. ‘it just happened to be same’ -> said every artist accused of copying/plagiarism ever

      i still like NGNL, but this is copying pure and simple

      1. who cares like??? His talent clearly lies in the construction of a story. He’s not a guy who can do both, but to give visual aid of his characters he needed to find some material of how bodies look like in certain poses and they are uniquely his characters. There’s a time where copyright has to draw a line and forgive people for using references in how to pose their character because they’ve got no clue how to do it.

      2. You know who else is copying? Every tire maker in history. They all copied the shape of the wheel from the personally that originally found a pair of circular rocks!

        1. Lol, you seem to know absolutely nothing about what goes into making art. When you rip off the original line for a line you are literally done with the piece at that point. You know how every artist complains about not knowing how to draw hands? What a coincidence that several of his hands are 1:1 carbon copies of someone elses work.

    1. No, incorrect.

      Even if the tracing was used as a base for an overall artwork, that is still copying.

      I like NGNL, but this is just wrong, hope he apologised / was reprimanded.

  5. After watching this anime, I was disheartened to know this news about Kamiya-san, but the fact that this anime/manga/LN is amazingly the best it deserved to have a 2nd season! for God’s sake, there’s should be someone who must work for it and continue for the fans.. onegai!

  6. In facebook, many freak people claimed tht some artists copy other people drawings/ arts. Lol, using it reference and tracing is totally different.
    Draw this, people protest, like that, people protest too xD
    Lol, its funny how weaboo(s) protest every artists they met

  7. “Does it really matter?”
    A: No, i wouldn’t care in the slightest. And knowing this work of art, it’s probably more references.
    Will wait for S2 so make it.

      1. Tbh I draw, it’s one of the things I love most, and honestly.. I don’t care lmao It would be an honor. Seriously, to everyone else, whether the draw or not should stop being so stuck up their ass about something. Copied and tracing are two different meanings, using a reference too. Either way, whether you copy or trace, everyones been doing it for years and years.

        Ever had one of the blackboard alphabet books as a kid that you have to trace? It’s pretty much the same matter as that

  8. The creators of those images don’t hold much copyright to begin with, as the characters are IP of the corresponding companies. And Yuu did come up with the characters in NGNL himself, as far as I know. So the only thing in question are the poses themselves. And I’m pretty sure you can’t copyright claim a pose…
    I hope Media Factory gets this BS sorted out quickly.

  9. to those who don’t understand how this is tracing, you don’t need to trace the whole image. The general outlines match so perfectly, from a large array of artist’s works. And these are a lot of examples too. Maybe even a great majority of his works are nitpicked traces in fact. But i still want a season 2.

      1. Yes but this is illustrative/splash art. Were not talking about design; this is about technique/style/habits. No 2 artist draws bodies exactly the same line for line. There is always a mismatched stroke.

        1. they can just as ur name and surname can be held by another person, are u gonna sue them?

          ps.: even if sb is tracing how is that a reason to do anything if the looks of a charcter is different, u don’t own the pose, u own a character

          1. simply because its media. Its etiquette. Don’t just present a work without showing what inspired you to make this. In this case, it’s pain-stakenly obvious that he took more than just inspiration. He’s copied part of someone elses work and gave no credit where credit is due. it’s not even an accident. tl;dr cite your sources always. The internet will always know if you copied or not.

          2. How can you say he “copied”. And why do you have to show what inspired you to create a certain thing? If I don’t provide a preface to a book I wrote explaining how I got up to writing it, I’m copying stuff? Also The poses he used has been used multiple times before him. So going with your logic he should ‘invent’ new poses, so as not to please people like you? Please accept the fact that this news is shite and move on.

          3. he would be fine if he was another pixiv artist, but he is selling his stufff….. moreover, the similarities are way too many to be ignored. shiro holding a king is exactly the same hand posture, this isn’t inspiring, its copying-pasting with retouch. Nothing wrong, his art is way better than his inspirations, but something about copying pasting isn’t very honorable…

          4. That’s bullshit there is no copying in anime.Anime is made for everyone so everyone should help and make better series than before,but sadly reality doesnt feel the same as me,and i know they would only sue him(if its true)only to eliminate someone from this race that never ends and everything revolves around money.If the tracing he did was from my art hell i wouldnt mind,and do you know why?BECAUSE ITS HARD TO BE ORIGINAL,and if he used someone else’s art what?his art got an anime adaptation lol.
            Sorry about that i know you want to forget ;-;

          5. OH and also. please do not ever respond to something older than 6 months again. i’m still trying to forget about this just to enjoy the movie that’s coming up.

  10. I wouldnt consider it tracing because I’m sure many people who draw know how hard it is to get a pose it doesn’t just magically appear. People have to see how others did the pose and have to follow that way or it will look like crap. Making a type of pose take time so I wouldn’t care if he trace the pose because I’m sure people who trys to make ithe will trace how other do it

    1. An artist as talented as Kamiya Yuu should be able to draw without any tracing involved. I honestly find it disheartening that an artist of his caliber would ever trace another person’s work. I’m not sure how you can find it okay.

  11. is pose really that big deal? i would be shocked if he copied those character design but a pose?
    well i’m not an illustrator so i won’t know the feeling though.

    1. “i’m not an illustrator so i won’t know the feeling though.”

      and you’ve answered yourself. This is a big deal, because his drawings are not original. IN the world of illustration, this is a very big deal since your own illustrations are supposed to be your own, and nothing else. Tracing bits and pieces, such as hands, because you cannot draw your own hands, is not the way to go at all.

  12. Is nobody else even amazed at how much time/insanity this person took to compare all the art with all the different images from other artists? Hell some of the images are even reversed, and most are rotated. This is a whole new level of crazy right here lol.

      1. It’s more plausible when you realize that most of the artworks in question are from Pixiv.

        And there was a separate scandal involving NGNL and Pixiv. Some outright stolen art from Pixiv “found it’s way” into the anime, and Madhouse was forced to issue a public apology for this. No explanation was given. I’ve also never heard of ANY anime studio having a similar problem, except for Madhouse when they adapted Kamiya Yuu’s work.

        So, about 6 months before the tracing thing, we had Madhouse formally acknowledging that “somehow” Pixiv art got into the anime when it shouldn’t have. It’s waaay to coincidental that such a scandal just happens to hit the same one the other scandal is related to:

    1. Except not, because at the time the anime was airing, Madhouse formally apologized for there being blatantly ripped-off Pixiv art in the anime itself. That’s way too coincidental for the same creator to later be separately accused of plagiarizng from Pixiv. My bet is that he had Pixiv art on his computer as a reference, and some accidentally slipped to Madhouse along with his other reference art.

      1. I agree with you, especially in the 2nd part. Why would they “trace”, just to publicly apologize for it? That doesn’t seem to add up, at least for me..

  13. I found this stupid. There are art books with multiple poses, You can’t copyright a pose!. It’s ridiculous to even consider. The characters and story are all his.

  14. The nail in the coffin is actually the public admission by Madhouse that blatantly stolen Pixiv art “somehow” found it’s way into the anime. They apologized for it at the time the anime was airing, 6 months before the tracing allegations:
    How does such a thing even happen? And why only on NGNL? Connecting the two stories (stolen pixiv art in the anime, traced pixiv art in the books) makes sense of what would otherwise be a totally inexplicable screw up by Madhouse: Kamiya Yuu had downloaded Pixiv art on his computer as reference material, and accidentally mixed some in with the originals he sent to Madhouse, which they then animated in good faith believing it to be his original artwork.

    So the question isn’t whether he had specific Pixiv art on his computer to be a reference, it’s how bad do you think it is to do that? Manga serializations have been cancelled over the same thing in the past.

  15. There are a lot of other artists out there that do this, but that’s not the point. If yuu traced, it’s still not copyright infringement because there are a lot of new elements in the art that make it different.

  16. So what there in the same pose’s that does mean anything that could just be coincidence Yuu Kamiya work is amazing.

  17. Frankly, this is hilarious. Some of these pictures couldn’t even be considered “tracing” until they pasted them all over ad next to each other and claimed they were the same. ” YOUR CHARACTER IS SITTING WITH HER ARMS ON HER KNEES???// SO IS MINE!11!! THAT’S TRACING, I’M SUING!!!!” Really now, this is bullshit. Nobody owns or ‘makes up’ a pose. If you honestly think this is copying you might as well look up ‘anime girl arms behind back’ and make a big post about those ‘copiers’ and pick one person who ‘did the pose first!111’. Now, I’d understand ‘tracing’ if he was completely copying except for the colors and whatnot, but I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this at all. As an artist, I would never be able to learn how to draw certain poses without a reference. Would you expect someone to draw a perfect rose if they had never seen a rose before? Other artists, can you 100% honestly tell me you learned how to draw by just drawing? Never looked at anything for reference ever? If so, I applaud you, because I’ve never heard of that before.

    1. You clearly don’t understand what goes into making art then. This is tier 1 tracing at it’s finest. The poses are 1:1 copied ripping all the original author’s understanding of perspective, anatomy and composition with them. If you don’t see how this is wrong you still got a lot to learn then.

  18. What the heck just for that?!!!….. No logic at all it is all fallacies .. wat da!!! damn it. it doesnt make any sense .. WE need Season 2 not this….!!!


    This whole article is plain bullshit. I mean you can’t claim a pose. Draw someone standing and OMG YOU TRACED ANOTHER PIECE OF ART! I just want a Season 2… And the picture I mentioned is nonsense as well. It’s a hand. How is that tracing? It’s a HAND. Yuu Kamiya did not trace it. How else would you hold a chess piece? You can’t claim a hand gesture.

    1. There’s enough artists nowadays that literally anything you draw could have been, and will have been, drawn before you did.

  20. Oh no I better not start breathing or eating or living life in general I might get charged with plagiarism cause I mean I’m not the one who invented it and I’m copying the creator…that is how it works right? ಠ_ಠ Aren’t there real crimes out there that should be looked at.

  21. Yoshihiro Togashi has been doing this for years with Hunter x Hunter.
    Filmmakers do this all the time. They call it “paying tributes”. See for example, the Steps of Odessa scene from Battleship Potemkin.
    Even painters and sculptors do this. Michelangelo took inspiration from the statue of Laocoon and His Sons several times throughout his career. vs

  22. Emiya Shirou: THAT’S MY SON! TRACE ON BOY!
    Jokes aside, are we really bashing an author now for using other art as pose lineart?! Seriously?

  23. In some pictures the lines match perfectly. It’s a different thing if the pose itself is copied, because that’s totally normal reference usage, but here the pose was traced over from another person’s work.

  24. To the Twitter user, “rotiflride”. Fk you man for ruining a possible season 2 of one of the best anime out there for what, simple coincidences? You ruined all the fans. I’m guessing you don’t have talent as you are finding faults in someone or you just want a few $$$ for yourself you greedy bastard! It’s like saying, o-|-< I drew a stick man so you are tracing if you drew the same one that poses like that. WP useless guy.

  25. This seems like a way to make people hate his works. i see it as him Doing reference, rather to understand the anatomical poses. I don’t see any tracing, only possible ref or coincidence. As an artist myself, i do reference often, to help me when drawing.

  26. some people just don’t understand what “tracing” in digital media term means or didn’t look close enough. The pics showed the EXACT small details, like the position of shiro’s fingers holding a chess piece for example, IT’S THE SAME as the original pixiv drawing on the left.

    and if U trace a real objects into a drawing? it’s fine, no copyright violation. U trace someone’s Pixiv art? it’s a crime.

  27. so he got caught breaking pledge #8

    Being caught cheating during a game is grounds for an instant loss.

    I just hope he didn’t wager season 2.

  28. ”Oh i’m sorry for drawing my character’s hand in the same way as yours but holding something different. Sue me.”

    1. “Oh i’m sorry for composing a song with the same melody and lyrics as yours but played with another instrument. Sue me.”

      1. haha well 99% of pop music is the same 4 chords they just change the lyrics and mix it up a little. thats kinda what you have here.I get what your saying but its ironic cause it is almost what happens just take out the lyrics part.

  29. It’s not tracing at all, it’s called referencing…or something like that

  30. I understand that the argument in this is that he “traced” (not copied like people thing). Tracing, copying and references are all different.
    Tracing is literally putting a paper on top of a drawing and drawing over it while copying is having that picture next to the paper drawing it ( not literally on top). Using a reference is like taking inspiration (lets say you like a certain design, you’d take it draw it yourself and probably change it around a bit).
    By looking at them overlayed, it does look like it could be tracing, although some of them do go off on their own to make lets say a different face shape.

    As someone who loves to draw, honestly, who even cares? We have blackboard alphabet book when we’re children that we literally have to trace to learn how to spell. I learn how to draw new things by copying something, unless it really difficult, then I’d trace to get a know on how something feels. Yeah the original owners are gonna get pissy if we trace something but they need to get their head out of their ass and stop caring. Each to their own. Either way, Yuu makes some great shit and so the owners.

    someone asked me to draw a portrait on them with reference from a picture. This picture, they were using the dog filter (from snapchat), I tried and it pissed me off, so I ended up tracing it on a separate piece of paper and then using that piece I trace it on to the other (then flipping it over, drawing the outline on light and proceeding to use that for the other ear). They thought it looked great, plus I wasn’t getting paid for it either. To me, I made them happy and that’s all that matters.
    Sometimes, copying just doesn’t cut it.
    How many artists do you think trace their own work for other pieces?

    Edit: I’m not saying I’m justifying it, I’m just stating that I don’t care

  31. bullshit just bullshit
    there are no evidence of tracing it barely look like the original and it’s not like the whatever references image are original or anything there’s thousands of artists who draw characters with the same fucking poses

  32. You guys are really defending him? Really?
    I draw, and I have been drawing for a long fucking time, and there’s a huge differente between “Drawing a mainstream anime posu” and just trace it. Yuu just completely traced it from other people’s works and there’s nothing you fanbrats can do about it.

    These size-by-size comparisons just show how much he had stolen! And they are pretty obvious. Do not go on defending him just because he created your fapping lolicon material (which I’m sorry but it is the only thing that made NGNL so famous), and start thinking like decent human beings.

    The one picture of Shiro’s hand in her knee is the biggest evidence, it is the same fucking hand! And the Jibril picture that was stolen from the Miku artwork. He even stole the same trace from Miku’s legs! And in every picture the hands, knees, waists, they’re all on the same place and even have the same linework.

    I hope someone sues him. Talking as someone who really wants to live from art, seeing someone like him profiting of other people’s works makes me SICK.

  33. i think he’s just troubled in drawing poses, especially legs, hands and waist… many artist have that problem….i know it because the only thing that is similar is either legs, hands, waist pose or tricky pose…. i think he skipped anatomy drawing during his collage years…

  34. Why would someone go that far to expose someone making a pretty good show I mean really you go through all that trouble comparing other artists work. That’s a new level of obsessed and crazy

  35. What is with this bullshit attitude ppl? I flip up almost ANY of my mangas or “to draw manga” books and find almost exactly the same shit over and over again. There is nothing new under the sun anyway.

  36. I get some of these, but the hand poses and the book one?! Isn’t that a bit too vague?

  37. I like Japan but…, japanese intelligence propriety laws is pure bullshit, they are destroying the only thing that are making their country popular world wide, the japanese economy are in ruins and their dumb government still make stupid laws that protect claims on a simple pose? now i know why japan economy is stopped/in decline for more than 20 years, just because their protetionist government/some artists want’s a stupid supremacy over all their animes, and this killed not only NGNL, but hundreds or even thousands of mangas, much artists in Japan take down/strike >10 million views vídeos on youtube of THEIR OWN ANIME, and with that strike they ultimately kill more than 97% of their future fanbase, the most notorious example of this is the opening Unravel of Tokyo Ghoul in 2014, the full version are making more than 700000 views per day and it take a strike when it reached more than 40 million, just imagine how many views that video will have today, probably more than 200 millions or views, but they decided that long range popularity is useless, with a low minded decision they take down the video because it will lower the sales in the blu-ray…

    No wonder why japan is one of the worst places to invest on Earth, they are to protectionists that they are even seeking a way to monopolize the term “anime”.

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