Asuna Newly-Wed Life Set

Have that special someone in your life? Does she seem so perfect that she’s not believable? What, she isn’t? And is her name Asuna? If yes, then enjoy the new Asuna Newly-wed set!

Comiket or Comic Market, usually has some weird but wonderful products. Many of these are character specific and a must have if that character holds a special place in your heart. This time for Comiket 83 in December, character goods maker Cospa has created a bunch of Sword Art Online related products into one bundle. All with a similar theme, Asuna. Named the Ausna Newly-Wed Life Set, it is one of the weirder packages from Comiket, but with the popularity of SAO it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was a massive line filled with fans/creeps trying to get some.

The Asuna Newly-Wed Life Set includes these items:

  • A soap dispenser bottle (75mm in diameter, 210mm tall, capacity of 650ml)
  • A smooth cushion cover (45x45cm, smooth type)
  • A tissue box cover (a full cover that fits most “slim type” tissue boxes)
  • A set of coasters (4 coasters that are each 9cm in diameter, full-colour, and made of paper)
  • Bonus: an Asuna-themed paper bag to carry all of it home with you

Of course, all these items are not free. Each set will set you back ¥5,250 ($64). But fear not if you don’t have the money at the moment as the life set is also selling Gee! character goods stores across Japan.
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